New Simplicity Summer 2015 Patterns

This is my first review of a pattern release. It seems quite a few sewing bloggers are typically quick to review a company’s new season pattern release so I’ve never seen a need and quite honestly it seems really time consuming.

So you might be asking why I am writing this. LOL Because this I love these new Simplicity Summer Patterns. LOVE I say! Well not all but more than usual. Typically I only like 2-3 patterns of any of the Big 4’s new releases, but I found 5 must haves and 2 honorable mentions in this release. Lets get to it.

The five patterns I must have:

1. Simplicity 1100 – Summer cover up

1100This super simple wrap cover up is right on time in this summer line up. I probably don’t even need a pattern to make this (ok I know I don’t), but I like patterns because they are just easy to me. I will definitely be making the short version to lounge by the pool or at the beach.

2. Simplicity 1104 – Separates (Dress, tunic, skirt, leggings)

OMG I LOVE all of these pieces. When I first got a glimpse of this 1104pattern as a thumbnail I liked it but I thought it looked too similar to S1325. However once I clicked the thumbnail and actually looked at the pattern it is totally different and I love it. I will definitely be making the dress, probably in a royal blue scuba knit I’ve been holding onto. Sometimes I subliminally pick fabric that is similar to the pattern image, but this time it’s intentional –I love that blue. I don’t see myself making the tunic, but it could happen. The skirt is a definite because I’m constantly on the quest for a go to pencil skirt pattern. Plus I really like the contrast waist and hemline banding. For some reason I still haven’t made leggings though I have plenty of patterns in my collection. Since I already have several leggings patterns this is more of just a bonus. Sadly I think I need to buy the pattern in both size groups, darn my small bust and big(ish) booty.

3. Simplicity 1105 – Dress

1105This dress is simply adorable! I have always loved a cute tent dress, though I always called them trapeze dresses in my head (not sure where I got that from). My legs are my favorite body feature so I love showing them! I’m a little unsure about the bow in the back (I hate bows) so that will likely be skipped. Though a nice touch the trapunto stitch will definitely be skipped as it looks quite time consuming. I’m appreciative that they threw in the top and mini skirt to make it a coordinate/sportswear pattern but I doubt I will make either.

4. Simplicity 1115 –  Jumpsuit

You all know I am a Mimi G fan so there is no surprise that this pattern 1115is on my must have list. I doubt I will make either view with the overlay  (though I reserve the right to change my mind), but I love View C. If you are not familiar with Mimi G you should know that she makes a sew along video for each of her patterns.Which is great for me since as an advanced beginner I have shied away from patterns that require boning, as it seems difficult to me, but if anyone can explain it to me it’s Mimi.  I also think that this bodice would be great paired with a full skirt.

5. Simplicity 1116 One piece swimsuit

1116I tried my hand and making a few bikini’s last year and they were wearable but I definitely need more practice attaching the elastic. This year I have, unfortunately, put on a few pounds and a one piece might be my go to this year (unless I can drop 10-15 lbs by Memorial Day). Thankfully this one piece is not boring and views A & B appear slimming. I am hoping that the sew along video helps me with the elastic issue. Can’t wait to tackle this one and pair it with S1100.

The two are honorable mentions:

1. Simplicity 1109 – pleated skirt

This isn’t a new fresh pattern. Actually views A & C are similar to 1109M6706. However they add a single front box pleat in views D, E and F which I really like. So while this might not be a must have, it’s definitely a nice to have when simplicity patterns go on sale for 5/$5.

2. Simplicity 1111– Sports separates

1111Though view B is a cute top and view C would be nice as a casual weekend knit dress, I would buy the pattern primarily to make gym clothing. I think View D would make a great workout top and view E and F workout capris/short. Workout gear is expensive and I’ve been meaning to start making my own. I think these would be a great start and I already have some lycra knit in my stash.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! They are all cute patterns!

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