Beyonce Colorblock Copycat Dress


This is an old creation that I’ve just got around to photographing. Still I was quite proud of myself so I’m sharing.

(Almost) every year some of my girlfriends and I meet up at my college’s homecoming weekend. The weekend always consists of a group dinner, two nights of partying and the game-of course. Naturally, every year I start thinking about a month out about what I’m going to wear. So last year, as a newbie sewer, I just had to sew all my outfits.

I ended up wearing the Twist front black dress to one party, a pair of shorts (modified M6706) to the game and this dress to the second party. This colorblock dress was inspired by a picture from Beyonce’s Instagram account. I just loved it and figured I could make it myself, so I did.


I decided to modify the self drafted pattern I made using Mimi G’s Fall Dress tutorial. I removed the gathering, created a tube dress by cutting the off the top half under the armcycle, added a split  for the V, then drafted a pattern for yoke and then added the sleeves. This did not result in an exact replica like I wanted, but I felt it was wearable. I found it difficult to sew the yoke to the dress at the V at the pivot point. Also I could never get top of the V right, one side looked curved like Beyonce’s dress and the other formed a point. Again, I was still extremely please that it turned out at least similar to the inspiration.



One response to “Beyonce Colorblock Copycat Dress”

  1. Great job on the dress. And I love your house!


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