The countdown is almost over. Just one more day!!! Tomorrow I leave for the 4th Annual Mimi G Fashion, Sewing & Style Conference. I can’t tell you how excited I am to attend the conference, meet dozens of fellow MimiG Darlings and visit LA! I promise to write a review when I get back. Just don’t look for it on Monday because I have a feeling I’m going to need to recover. I will still be posting the Weekend Sales Roundup tomorrow, but sadly I will have to skip the Frougie Tip (due to my procrastinating nature). HOWEVER there will be a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT post tomorrow!!! So keep a look out!


Today’s post really isn’t about the conference itself but about the blessing that made attending the conference possible. First a little backstory, I started following Mimi G in the spring of 2013 after desiring to learn to sew forever. Her blog ( gave me the push I needed to actually try. That summer she announced her 3rd Annual conference and I was unable to attend because as a new follower I wasn’t quite prepared. So I decided that I would attend the next (this) year.

Fast forward to 2014. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”.  Well God laughed at my plan and revealed His plan (I believe) for me. As usual for me I hesitated a bit but I finally accepted what I believed God was telling me to step out and do.  However following God’s plan meant no conference for me (or so I thought). Though His plan is always better I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was sad to miss the conference. Still I put my trust in Him.

Then I was lucky enough to meet a local Darling from Mimi G’s Facebook group, who turned out to be a Godsend. We had interacted some on Facebook previously but that day we talked for a bit in person. When she asked me if I was going to the conference I sadly said “No, it’s not in the cards this year, but I’ll definitely be there next year.” We continued to talk sewing, patterns and fabrics and then parted ways. A few days later this sewsista message me on Facebook that God had put it on her heart to contribute and help me get to this year’s conference! She said “I’ve been moved by your vision and passion for your craft…I would like to help and contribute for you to come to LA”.  After some disbelief and near tears I bought a conference ticket, a plane ticket and found a roomie. I can’t thank my sewsista enough for enabling me to be able to attend this year.

Won’t He do it?! I share this story as a thank you to my sewsista and as a testimony of how good God is. If ever you doubt whether God still moves or whether there are any kindhearted people left I can assure you He does and there are. I can’t tell you how shocked I was that she would freely give to me, a virtual stranger, funds to attend this conference. Honestly at first my cynical nature wondered why she would do such a thing, there had to be a catch. I mean there is absolutely nothing in it for her, from a worldly stance. But the way she worded her offer and her kind spirit let me know she was genuinely just trying to help me grow. She has asked for nothing in return and has even come to my rescue on another occasion.

My takeaways are twofold. One never doubt that God is working things out for your good. I just happened to meet this sewsista that day and while it was great to meet her in person and make a new sewing friend, there was no way I could have expected that chance meeting would result in this blessing. I wasn’t begging for her assistance or whining about the missing the conference, I simply stated that I couldn’t make it, but that next year was my year. Still something in my speech or tone stuck with her so that when God put it on her heart to be giving to me she didn’t hesitate. Don’t block your blessing you never know how God is trying to get something to you should be point 1A. Can you believe I initially turned her down?! Never turn down a blessing because it didn’t come the way you envisioned.

Secondly if you are moved to help someone DO it!  I’ll be honest and admit that I have on occasion had a feeling to reach out to someone (it was God telling me) and ignored it (being selfish) or let the moment pass (being lazy).  I feel that I usually act on those feelings and give when and where I can, whether it is time, assistance or financial. However now I will do a better job of seeking out more ways to pay it forward. Should it have taken this to happen for me to say that? Definitely not! I am extremely blessed. Still better late the never! I hope you will choose to do the same.

Sorry for the long post today, but I just had to share. Look out for the announcement tomorrow (God willing)

One response to “Blessed”

  1. Blessed in deed and I am glad that you are able to make the conference. Your spirit spoke to her and she knew that you are true genuine person and its time for you to step out and follow your dream.
    I will be reading your blog for new announcements and following you on your journey.
    Looking forward to the LA Conference recap.


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