Floral Linen Wrap Skirt -Inspiration Pic


As a DIYer I spend way to much time on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and just online in general searching for new ideas, tutorials, patterns and inspiration. Since I am constantly trying to expand and improve my self drafting skills. I like to screenshot or pin inspiration garments when I see them to try to recreate later. This skirt is a result of this  screenshot I captured from Facebook.wpid-fb_img_1432781518946.jpgThis is a basically a maxi circle skirt. I used By Hand London Circle Skirt Calculator  to find my waist radius for a quarter circle maxi skirt. I traced this pattern onto paper as I had to get creative with my pattern placement on my fabric and I was sort of making it up as I went along. After I placed the front half of the quarter circle skirt pattern onto the fabric I freehandedly extended the waist curve some for the back piece so it would wrap around to the front. I also cut one side of the front piece at an angle so that the split would be open. (I think I cut it a little too much). For the waist band I used the skirt pieces as a guide to create a 1 piece contoured waistband.

wpid-2015-08-14-10.55.48-1.jpg.jpegThe final version of this skirt will be made out of linen or Ankara cotton. However since this was my first muslin I used this linen I found at Hancock on the Spot the Bolt table for just $2/yard! Thankfully I did have shoes that matched almost perfectly 🙂 !


As far as construction I sewed the two side seams (the side that was extended or cut at an angle) together, sewed a narrow hem on each end, Next I sewed two sets of waistbands (front and back) together at the sides then to each other at the top. Then I sandwiched the skirt in between the front and back waistband and attached a hook closure.


I think this pattern still needs some tweaking but I’m fairly pleased that it resembles my inspiration skirt. I’m going to try again soon out of my actual fashion fabric.