Houndstooth Colorblock Sheath Dress


Happy Monday! I am recommitting to my goal of sewing and posting two garments per week.  Originally the challenging part was taking good photos (ie not bathroom selfies) as I depend on others to take my photos. Currently the issue I have is finding time to do some selfish sewing because I’ve been busy creating and sewing items for my TipStitcheds fall collection (to be released September 4th). However with the Fabricista Challenge coming up next month I really need to get back in the swing of sewing for myself regularly.

In an effort to start this week off strong, this Monday morning I bring you a colorblock sheath dress. This is a pattern I self drafted for TipStitched.  It will be available in several color combinations, including navy/teal (my favorite),  black/white, burgundy/gray, gray/green. and purple/burgundy when my fall pieces are released.

I love houndstooth, maybe even more than I love stripes. So for my own version it was a no-brainer to pair this medium print houndstooth ponte with some black ponte I had in my stash. I originally purchased the houndstooth ponte for S1156 but I used this lattice print ponte instead (here). In hindsight I which I had reversed the front and placed the houndstooth in the center and the black on the sides as I feel that would have been more slimming, however my initial thought was to included more houndstooth.

Let me know what you think! What’s your favorite color combo? or print combo (stripes and polka dots maybe)?

3 responses to “Houndstooth Colorblock Sheath Dress”

  1. I love it–honestly, I was just thinking about making a dress like that for daughter. Confirmation!

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    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you. Go for it! I’m sure she will love it.


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