Fabricista Fashion Challenge Handmade Remake Week 1 Entry

Fashion-Challenge wk1

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A mix of excitement and nervousness is what I felt all week leading up the the Week 1 Challenge announcement. Then after it was announced I was just nervous!

I was torn do I take a previous EPIC FAIL project and start from scratch? Or do I try to salvage a project that had a little hope? After much back and forth I decided this was a challenge and the biggest challenge for me was to try to rework a previous FAIL. You see most of my fails end up in a fail pile in the closet of my sewing room never to be seen again.


Earlier this year I made up Vogue 9047 thinking it would be a pretty easy sew and a great work dress. I liked both views and decided to make View A but a color blocked version using a pattern for the bodice and a solid for the skirt. I thought this would give the fitted shirt tucked in to a high waist pencil skirt look.

fail triology

The dress is described as a close fitting pull over dress with a raised waist. Well when I was done the waist was more than raised, the bodice was so short it looked like an empire waist. The bodice was too snug and the darts hit in the wrong place. Additionally my pattern pairing did not work as anticipated because the narrow black stripes got lost in the mainly red fabric. I also didn’t like how the darts distorted the stripes over the bust. When I was done this made it to the fail pile.


I decided to salvage this dress by removing the old bodice and creating a brand new better bodice to add to the old skirt for a revamped piece. First I had to address the bodice fit issues. I started by cutting a larger size (which I had to eyeball because I trimmed down to the size I thought I needed the first time). This alone added a bit to the bodice length at the shoulders but I then lengthened the front bodice piece by 2” and the back bodice piece by 1’5”. To address the misplaced darts I chose the darts for the new larger size and shortened them about ¼”. I also chose to use this beautiful black on white lattice print ponte for the new bodice as I felt this bigger bolder pattern would work much better with the solid black skirt.


After making those changes and sewing up the bodice I attached the skirt and VOILA! Here is the revamped version. I feel it was saved and now I love it.




The voting is open today thru Friday at 5AM EST. One sewing blogger is eliminate each week so please vote for me! Just three clicks to vote! Click Here

4 responses to “Fabricista Fashion Challenge Handmade Remake Week 1 Entry”

  1. Love it!! Crazy what some proportion changes can do and I’m loving the lattice print 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you!


  2. You did an amazing job!! This looks fabulous on you 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you!


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