Fall 2015 “To-Sew” List


I typically sew for the current season right up until the end of that season. See the halter wrap dress I sewed up just 2 weeks ago for the Fabricista Fashion Challenge. Sadly that means when the temps finally drop or raise I have nothing to wear. And by nothing I mean nothing handmade and by nothing handmade I mean nothing recently handmade. So despite the fact that the official start of fall was over a week ago I’ve just started seriously planning my Fall To-Sew list. 

I always keep a To Sew list. It helps me even though I don’t necessarily keep the list in any type of order and often veer from it. It simply gives me a base so if I hit a sewing slump I can just pull out my list.

I didn’t get a chance to sew anything this weekend due to household chores, cheer practices and 6th grade science and math projects. And the past few days I’ve had a hard time balancing trying to sew and starting a new workout routine. That leaves me with nothing to blog about since well this is a sewing blog. However I can share some of my must sew fall/winter patterns. I totally reserve the right to change my mind, because my to sew list is always in flux, but you should be seeing some of these soon.

I’ll start with the dresses, because they are my fave.



McCalls 7243 was a pattern I debated and ultimately decided to pass on when McCalls fall patterns were first released. However after seeing Mimi G’s version (here) I had to have/make it. Since then I’ve seen other sewist’s version and loved them as well. I am planning on black and white version. I’m not sure if it will be a B&W print or black and white colorblocked, but I see B&W for this.






I’ve had Vogue 8946 in my stash for a while. I had planned on making the sleeveless version this summer. Sadly I never got to it so it’s been pushed to my fall list. I like the side pleats in both the bodice and skirt. I actually I have a ponte print I would like to use for this but I’ll use solid to show of the pleating detail. A deep fall color eggplant, marsala or mustard.






I grabbed Burda 6851 last fall/winter with the plans of doing a
black ponte and gold faux leather color blocked dress. My plan was to use the gold faux leather for the center bodice and likely black ponte for everything else. That never happened and I’m not sure that I want to stick to that plan but I still want to try this pattern. It will likely be my first Burda pattern.







I don’t remember when I grabbed this pattern but New Look 6298 just looks like a comfy yet cute lounge dress. I have some wool knit I scored at a local store last year that I may want to use for this project. However I might want to save that great find and try this is a sweater knit or ponte first.




Next up is tops, mainly because I hardly sew them, but I need some desperately.



I grabbed Butterick 6132 at a Hancock moving sale for just $1. I was thrilled because it was very similar to a Vogue pattern I had been eyeing. I only like Views A & B, something about the pleating in Views C&D doesn’t look flattering to me. View A would be great in any solid jersey. As soon as I find two stripes at the right scale I will be making View B as illustrated. In the meantime I plan to have fun sewing up View B in various colors.





I have wanted to make View B of McCalls 6839 ever since I saw a sewsista’s version in a Facebook sewing group last year. I don’t really care for the other views, though I might try View C or D.  I really like the drape of View B. I want to make one in black and red at the minimum.






Though this is a fall sewing list I think I will make View A of McCalls 7249. I’m not sure I like it with sleeves, though it might just be a subpar pattern pic. Without sleeves it will work great under a blazer. I love the gathering across the mid section.





I love a long sleeve tee for the fall in winter. I wear them to work with slacks and on the weekends with jeans. They are great for layering from fall through winter. I have several coordinates/sportswear patterns, most Simplicity, that include a basic long sleeve tee pattern, but I haven’t sewn any of them. Mostly because I usually stock up on these tees at Target or Old Navy for under $10. However the reason I sew is to get exactly what I want and sometimes I can’t find a particular color. Simplicity 1325 will be the first of these pattern I will try mainly because of the extra long sleeves. Notice how they bunch up on the pattern envelope.



Fall in the south brings cooler morning and evening temps but warm afternoon remain well into October or later. So layering is a must!  Here are my must sew outwear pieces.

This little jacket in Simplicity 1070 caught my eye because it is stylish worn either open or closed. Also I really liked the leather accent and may copy it as is. On the other hand I do have both bronze and copper faux leather that would be a fun color block. You could also make it out of all ponte eliminate the leather accents.






I must, must, must make this coat. I just love the way the front drapes. I thought I had found a perfect double sided knit fabric that was striped on one side and polka dot on the other for Butterick 6244 (even though it calls for wovens). Sadly that fabric was only 52″ wide and the pattern calls for 60″ wide fabric. Now I’m thinking I’ll look for a soft ponte or a nice sweater knit. probably in red or brown.





I have been in love with capes for a little while now. I’ve added them to dresses but I have yet to make an actual cape. Vogue 8959 will hopefully change that. This is not the only cape pattern that I own but I want to start with this one because I love the arm holes which lets this cape be fashionable and practical. I’d love to make this out of a nice charcoal gray wool.






The coat from Simplicity 1283 seems like the perfect everyday coat for fall. Not to chunky but heavier than a jacket or blazer. I really like the idea of a statement color. I wouldn’t do mustard but maybe a red or plum. Though this coat seems pretty straightforward I loved that Mimi provides video tutorials for all of her patterns.



I’m improving at my pants making. I’ve successfully make M6515, S1019 and S7061. So it’s about time I try my hand a real slacks.



Vogue 9032 is highly recommend my several sewing bloggers and has good reviews on PatternReview.com. I have been wanting to attempt them pattern for some time now but I always talk my self out of them. I am promising myself that I will make these this fall, probably in a stretch suiting or a stretch woven.  I will definitely be making View C as I don’t love the pleats on Views A & B.






I love the wide legs of this pattern. I may actually make these before V9032 because I’m hoping that this fit will be more forgiving. I also love that Simplicity 1017 is an Amazing Fit pattern. I haven’t made a pair of pants Amazing Fit patterns but the dress I made from an amazing fit pattern turned out great. Granted I used the average fit so in theory there wasn’t any true adjusting. This pair I may try in a wool or non stretch suiting.





I actually want to make both the pants and blazer of Simplicity 1167. I purchased this right when it came out last year. I made the top but was too intimidated to try the blazer (even with the video tutorial) or the pants after I saw how many pattern pieces each had. Thankfully after sewing up the pants from S1019 with no modifications I am more confident that I will be successful in making the pants. This year I WILL make a blazer. I love blazers, so I must complete this goal.




These last patterns technically fall in the coordinates or sportswear category though most are athletic wear. It seems that Athleisure is a new category of clothing wear. I figure I might as well jump on board this trend because who doesn’t want to be trendy and incredibly comfortable?



First up is McCalls 7061 mainly because I’ve made the pants from this pattern before. I made these cute metallic colorblock joggers from this pattern with a simple modification. I want to make more joggers but I also want to make the hoodie. I will wear the pieces both together and separately and they will be great for my (step)sons late fall soccer games.






Because I have started back working out (sort of)  and the temps will be dropping soon I need some athletic leggings. I have several patterns for leggings but I like the colorblocking of this McCalls 7261 pair. I also like the sports top (Views A and C especially) for working out or everyday wear. I love the idea of making my own coordinating, affordable workout wear. Hopefully new workout outfits will encourage me stick to working out.




So there are several more patterns on my sewing list but this is plenty for one post. This also doesn’t included the many sewing tutorials and ideas I have pinned on Pinterest or the things I might dream up and self draft.  Inevitably more items will be add as new patterns or released and some will be placed on the back burner. Oh how I wish I could sew as fast as I dreamed ideas up.

So share with me, what’s on your sewing table? What is you next project? Do you plan out you sewing projects? or do you just take it one piece at a time? Do you have 3 projects going at once?  Just click the plus + below.










I want to make a few sweatshirts this fall/winter. I actually returned another sweatshirt pattern
because it was unisex and had terrible reviews on PatternReview.com. Most of the bad reviews were about the excessive ease which I attributed to the fact it was unisex. So I found Simplicity 1317 which is a womens pattern. I also like the raglan sleeves and the many options for trim and colorblocking. Now I’ve just got to find some sweatshirt fleece.





4 responses to “Fall 2015 “To-Sew” List”

  1. LeJanarosNotions Avatar

    Love the list. I have several of the same patterns picked out for fall. I can’t wait to see your versions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Same here!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have super high praise for M6839. I wear that tank all the time and really should sew another version. I like the drape but it’s probably not that practical for me…though the deep V is very nice and still allows for a normal bra.

    Great plans for fall!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank Nakisha. I might make the tank. In my mind the V looks deeper than the drape v


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