Holiday Party DIY Looks


I wouldn’t call myself a girly girl but I do love to get all dressed up! I’m pretty sure I’ve always been this way. In high school I attended every “formal” dance the school had (I can remember 6). I didn’t really dance that much and I didn’t have a boyfriend for most of high school so it was really all about dressing up and going out. Maybe I was supposed to be a socialite!

Anyway, now that I’m all grown up I seldom have the opportunity to get all dolled up. My company doesn’t do formal Christmas parties, most of my friends are married so no weddings and I haven’t attended a New Year’s Eve party in years. Still I found myself looking at the holiday patterns and thinking of great dresses I could sew up if I had somewhere to go this holiday season. So since I don’t have any fancy holiday parties on my calendar I’ve decided to share with you my ideas in the hope that someone who has somewhere to go to be seen will sew up one of my ideas.


Vogue 1374 | Vogue 9160 | Butterick 5987 | Vogue 8955 | Vogue 8814

If I had a swanky, formal event to attend I’d be choosing between the five patterns above.

Picture from Mathey Walker

It was hard narrowing it down to just 5 but I think they are each great in a different way. The cowl back dress, Vogue 1374, is a timeless dress. The simple silhouette shows of the low back dress. I love a dramatic back and I would likely attempt to make it just a tad bit lower. I also came across a lace cowl-less version on Fashion to DIY for which I love! It would be hard to decided between their lace version, the sequined look on the envelope or the gorgeous velvet used by Mathey Walker in the photo.

Lace: option Stretch velvet: options Stretch sequin: option


V9160Vogue 9160 is a new 2015 Holiday/Winter pattern. I think this jumpsuit is a great alternative to those who don’t love dresses and those who just dare not to conform to the norm. Sometimes I like to get creative with patterns but with this pattern I would take Vogue’s suggestion of a lace bodice with a solid black velvet or crepe pants. Though a sequined bodice would work as well….

Lace: option   Sequin: option  Velvets: options Wool crepe: option

B5987Butterick 5987 features a traditional full gathered skirt but offers a bit of flare with the hardware accent on View A asymmetrical bodice in views B & C. My favorite view is B, the gathered one shoulder bodice probably in black, silver/gray or a purple. Though the princess seams of view C would be flattering and the unusual bodice of view A would turn heads.



Another great pattern for those who prefer the comfort of pants is Vogue 8955 with the bonus of looking like a skirt. With three views it’s a flexible pattern that offers sheer flowy pants with a fitted pant underneath in two lengths (Views A&B) and a very wide flowy legged pant (View C). I love each view though I would likely opt for the gathered waistband versus the side tie option. I think view A in red or a navy would be gorgeous or even a winter white or baby blue.

Chiffon for overlay: option, option

I actually own Vogue 8814 and have yet to make it. I can’t remember if I bought it or it was gifted. I’ve been waiting for my skills to improve because this pattern intimidates me as it has mixed reviews from fellow sewist. Still one day I will attempt it. I have always focused on View A which seems like more cocktail/semi formal to me, but for a swanky upscale party I would opt for View C. I think this would look great in any color solid satin or a black and gold sequin. Check out this lovely black version I searched up on Pearls, Lace and Barb Wire.

Crepe backed satin: options Sequin: option




Semi formal/Cocktail

McCalls 6886| Vogue 8945 | Vogue 1342 | Vogue 8825

For a more informal party/celebration I would probably go short with a cute little cocktail dress.

Left: Gigi dress from | Right: Parker Dress from Bloomingdales.

The pattern envelope for McCalls 6886 doesn’t look like much but this pattern is the perfect base for almost any knit dress. Just google M6886 or look it up on Pattern Review and you will find dozens of interpretations on this pattern. For a holiday party I envision adding some sparkle. Either a full sequined long sleeve dress or maybe just sequined sleeves to complement a wool crepe or velvet body. Other ideas to turn this simple dress to a festive party dress would be a metallic faux leather, stretch velvet or sparkle knit.

Sequin: option Stretch Velvet: option Metallic Faux Leather: option Sparkle Knit: option



Though I typically don’t care for long sleeve dresses I love the flow-y dramatic sleeve options of Vogue 8945. Though I love Dellia’s version below, I would probably opt for the sleeves of View A paired with the V-neck of View B (simply because I’m lazy it wouldn’t want to hem the sleeves three times). This in a red or black wool crepe would be gorgeous for a holiday party. Sheer sleeves would also be a great option for added drama. Check out this hot red number by Dellia of Laugh Out Loud, it’s a stunner.

Crepe: options


V1342Vogue 1342 made the list because I love gathers on a dress, especially across the midsection. Gathers are great for covering our perceived imperfections and being stylish as the same time. This dress has no shortage of them which is wonderful during the holiday season when you may be too busy to keep up your gym routine or had one too may holiday splurges. Though I assure you know one else will notice these things we all want to feel our best especially when for a night out. I think this dress would be great in the festive default black or red but would also be gorgeous in a silver, deep blue or any jewel tone.

ITY: options, options



This last one is a favorite of mine because this dress is actually hanging in my closet and not just a pattern in my stash. Vogue 8825 is a very popular dress made by many DIYers (proven by a quick google search). There’s a reason it’s so popular! It is flattering, dramatic, comfy and a relatively easy sew. I stand by the fact I don’t love long sleeve dresses (regardless of the season) but I do love these sleeves maybe even more than those of V8945. The deep V and the wrap of the bodice are sexy but not too much sew. It’s great for a festive evening.

ITY: options, options


I hope I’ve given you some last minute holiday sewing inspiration. You still two weeks to whip something up before the week of Christmas and a little over 3 weeks to for a New Year’s. START SEWING

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  1. Such beautiful styles it would be hard to pick one. Love your blue fabric though!

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