Heather Gray Sweatshirt Dress – McCalls 7061


McCalls 7061 is actually a pajama pattern, but it can be used a loungewear or athleisure wear. I originally purchased this pattern for the pants, view F, to make joggers last year, here. (The pattern is perfect for joggers BTW). This winter I wanted to make some hoodies and sweatshirts so I pulled this pattern out for views A & C. I was sidetracked however when this heather gray knit fabric from my Black Friday Girl Charlee order arrived. I just felt the fabric was perfect for the collared sweater dress, View D.


Dress: McCalls 7061 Shoes: Target here

The construction was easy, I only glanced at the instructions. I did not make any modifications, except to omit the collar pull tie. I would however make several mods if I were to make it again.

  1. For me it is a tad too long, in McCalls defense this isn’t the patterns fault as it is intended to be a sleep dress. After sewing it up I decided I would have rather had a tunic length to wear of jeggings/leggings. I’m debating whether I want to omit the hem band and finish with a narrow hem or remove and shorten the hem band.
  2. I would lengthen the collar so that I could pull it up all the way like a hood. It is fine as is, but just isn’t “practical”.
  3. I would add 1/2-3/4″ to the upper side seam of the front and back starting a few inches below the bust. This sounds weird but…I have a large rib cage, that’s the only way I can describe it (lol), so the dress is tight in the underarm and bust area. NOTE: Adding width here also requires widening the sleeve curve. I did this when I sewed up View A and though still a tad tight it was better. This possibly wouldn’t have been as big of an issue if I had used a “stretchier” knit, but you can see this area pulling in the photos.


All in all I like this pattern I just think the shape requires some modification for my body. Perhaps I’ll buy the larger size pattern to address the under arm/upper bust tightness but I believe the rest of the dress will be too baggy if I went with a large. Again, I oddly have this problem often of things fitting everywhere except the bust, even though I’m only a B cup so it might work just fine for you!


I plan to work with this dress by shortening it and hopefully after I lose a few pounds the fit will work.


Pattern: McCalls 7061

Pattern Description: Close-fitting tops and dresses have sleeve bands. A and B: stitched hem on hood, wrong side shows. B and C: shaped hemline. A and D: collar and hem band. D: purchased drawstring. B, C and D: pocket.

Sizing: XS-S-M, L-XL-XXL I sewed a Medium

Difficulty: 1/easy

Fabric Used: Stretch Denim Heather Gray Cotton Spandex Blend Knit from Girl Charlee (links in body)

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes, minus the collar pull.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very

Likes:  The athleisure vibe

Dislikes: It’s a tad tight in the bust area.

Pattern alterations or any design changes made: none, but next time I will cut a half size larger (or lose 5 lbs)

Would I sew it again? Yes I want to make a striped one with the hood

Would I recommend it to others? Definitely

Conclusion: Great pattern for a cute lounge around or lazy Saturday running errands dress.

Total Cost: $6.25

Heather Gray Knit    2.5 yds @ $2.50/yd*  = $6.25
*Black friday sales price


17 Replies to “Heather Gray Sweatshirt Dress – McCalls 7061”

  1. Great post! I’ve never considered making athletic/lounge wear, but it’s one of my favorite things to wear. You did a great job!


    1. Thank you. I saw a similar dress/tunic in target and said oh no I can make that. Athletic/athleisure wear is expensive.

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  2. I like this!! It looks very comfortable. I understand the struggle with the tightness around the under arm and bust. I will definitely be picking this pattern up this weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Definitely do! It is a great pattern. McCalls is on sale at Hancock if you’re near one!


  3. Easier to buy the size bigger and take it in (if need be) below your rib cage. Personally, I’d consider leaving it, as the one you made looks a tad snug at the hip level.


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