McCalls 2016 Early Fall Patterns

I have been eagerly awaiting McCalls Early Fall Patterns because this release was to include the first Beaute’ J’adore patterns! I follow Beaute’s blog and I love her style and the way she is able to take a pattern and transform it into something totally different from the pattern photo.

I haven’t purchased many patterns recently. Mainly because as I advance in my sewing I learning that most patterns are just modifications of others. I also just have way too many patterns.

Let get to the patterns…I knew I would love Beaute’s patterns so let’s start with those.


I love this jumpsuit, McCalls 7444. When Beaute posted this jumpsuit to Instagram I admired it. Then we she announced it was one of her first pattern and knew I had to have it. Now that I look at the line drawing I’m a tad worried that the wide midriff portion will highlight my unflattering midsection. I’m thinking a dark-colored ponte will help disguise and hold in my tummy.




The second of Beaute’s initial pattern offering , M7443, is this strapless tunic. If you follow
her blog you know this is so her esthetic; clean, modern and chic. At first glance I wasn’t sure if I could pull this look off with my height (I’m only 5’5″). I’ve decided that if I pair the tunic with skinny pants and throw on some stilettos I should be able to pull it off. As you know I have a closet full of heels so this isn’t an issue. She does both view in a solid but I think a big bold print would be fun as well.



I almost hate to buy M7430. Not because I don’t like it, I do, but because I can see the similarities it shares with the infamous M6886. I feel like I could cut up M6886 to achieve any of these views. Still due to my laziness, I will likely be purchasing this pattern and making several variations of this pattern. I’m thinking leather and ponte, stripes and solids maybe even a floral with polka dot. The mock collar is a nice add and helps transition this early fall pattern into early winter.



Though I’m not in love with the fabric on the envelope I do plan to purchase, M7446. Largely because I’m hoping new workout gear will motivate me to get back in the gym. I like the colorblock and think I could create several pieces that could be interchangeable. Three different lengths for the top are included which is great because I love a longer top that will adequately cover the top of my leggings. I do think they could have added a capri view for the leggings, but that is a very easy modification. I’m not sure how I feel about this jacket, but I’m leaning towards…no.


m7427_aLastly I love this cardigan pattern for girls. M7427 is basically a miniature version of the popular M6844. My (not so) little one is very cold-natured so she always needs a cardigan at school, on road trips or in restaurants. I finally drafted a waterfall collar cardigan for her this past winter but this is eliminates the need to grade it out as she grows. She really likes the open drape collar of Views A-D, but View E is almost an exact match to M6844 so I think I will be making multiple view for her, with her help.



A few other pattern gave me pause but not enough to add them to my list. Those were M7249 (the twist front dress), M7442 (the peplum coat with option hood), and M7445 (deep V bell sleeve top with cropped wide leg pants). The twist front dress may make my list, but I’ll have to look at the pattern instructions first. The last pattern I looked at with this detail looked tricky. I actually really like the peplum coat pattern, but I might be over peplums. I’m not sure. Plus I never actually make the coat patterns I buy, so I probably need to start with the ones in my pattern stash. I really like the coordinates in M7445 however the top seems easy enough to recreate from another pattern and I’m pretty sure the squared pockets of the pants would give me a headache.

What do you think of McCalls Early Fall patterns? Which ones are on your “to buy” list? Share in the comments.