McCalls 2016 Fall Pattern: Mixed Feelings


I don’t typically do pattern release reviews, but I felt McCalls did such a great job with their Early Fall 2016 Collection that I had to share my thoughts. (missed it? click here!) Sadly I don’t have the same feeling about this Fall 2016 Collection. Still there were a few I will grab and some that may woo me over time. Care to hear my thoughts and see my favorites? Keep Reading


I am always drawn to dresses, whether that’s shopping ready to wear or sewing DIY, so it’s no surprise most of my favorites are dress.

M7464 had a nice silhouette with it’s curved side insets. The pockets are an added plus because who doesn’t love pockets?! I like all the envelope views. A with piping and monochromatic contrast, B with its pattern on patter (I love that fabric BTW if you know where I can get it let me know), C with it’s spin on a geometric pattern and View D with the piping accent.

Though I hate gathering fabric, I do love rouching and the flaws it hides so M7467 made the list. I like how the gathers are placed in the center front panel. That’s right where I need them,  to camouflage the tummy. Not sure that I would ever sew the top (view A), but all the dresses have potential.

Finally a pattern that isn’t a dress M7473. The hi-lo top trend has grown on me now that I’m sure the style is on the way out. Anyway I love View B with the criss-cross front. Views C and D are promising as well. I have no ideas what they were thinking when they worked up View B with the flounce, but I’ll ignore it.

I am suddenly on an athletic wear kit so I’m very excited for M7482. The zipper jacket is different and allows for some play with color blocking. A hoodie is always a plus in my book so I can see myself sewing View B instead of View A. The leggings look cute and if I can tear myself away from B6295 I might try them.

In attempt to not look like a selfish sewist I will add M7460. This girls cape pattern is cute and practical for the chill in the air that accompanies late fall. The option of round or squared off hem gives you two different looks and the option of a hood is great! I could see an everyday cape made of fleece with bias tape binding just like the envelope or a more special occasion cape made with wool or suede for church.

Another girls pattern I will grab will be M7459. My 9 yr old is really into rompers right now so she’s going to love this. She’ll probably prefer the pants option but I’ll likely make her both (at some point). Options abound with circle front and back skirt, gathered front and back skirt, 2 bib fronts, 2 bib backs and an optional bib pocket.


I love wide legged pants, but I feel like there are a ton of pattern for wide legged pants and culottes. I can think of 2 patterns I own off hand and I’m sure I own 3 or 4. Still I like the simplicity of M7483, a single front pleat and a back center zipper. The Vogue pair I own has a couple of pleats and the McCalls pair has princess seams, so this my be purchased during a sale.

I love capes so I definitely paused at M7477. I like the flounce of View B and the hood on View C, though I’m not a fan of buttons. I also like the belted look of those views. I already have a couple of cape pattern and I really love one of them, so I’m not sure I need another cape pattern, but then I really don’t need any more patterns period so this is a maybe.

M7465 is a maybe because I’m not sure I like the batwing bodice of views A & B, but View C is a winner in the right fabric.

M7466 has potential, well all except View D which is hideous (IMO). Still nothing about it blow me away. I think View A would be my favorite because I love colorblocking but I’m pretty sure I have another pattern that would give me the same look. The front pockets and belt give View C a nice look. This pattern looks like it would require a ton of topstitching which honestly isn’t my favorite so I’ll probably pass but it is cute.

I was hoping for another Beaute Ja’dore pattern but I guess she did have 2 in the early fall collection.  I’ll expect a couple more come winter.  

Did any of the Fall patterns call your name? Did you buy any of the Early Fall patterns I discussed before? I still haven’t gotten my hands on them.

4 responses to “McCalls 2016 Fall Pattern: Mixed Feelings”

  1. I haven’t looked at these yet, but you’ve picked some lovely ones!

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    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you.

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  2. I think that fabric you like may be some of the Nicole Miller fabric in Joann’s fabrics right now.

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    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you!


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