DIY Sewing PhotoBook

My Sewing Journey Photobooks (Vol 1 & 2)

I love sewing and it is definitely my favorite hobby. However, I have a couple of other interest one being couponing (if you can call it a hobby) and the other is making photobooks. Couponing has fallen to number three because it is time consuming to do fully, but I squeeze in time to create photo books.

I started making photo books after I got married because I did not want to spend a fortune on a professional wedding album, but I most certainly wanted one. Instead of paying $500 for a pro album, I think I spent $70 for a high end photo book. (The two are really not comparable, but I was pleased. There are some places online to get near pro quality if you desire though.) After that I realized photo books were a great way to “display” all the photos that typically just live in my phone. I’ve made them for the kids and gifted them to friends and they are always well received.


Last year it dawned on me to make one for myself! I already take a ton of pictures for the blog (many that never make it on the blog) so why not showcase all of my creations for the previous year in a Sewing Lookbook. A Sewing Photo Journal if you will. I titled my first book “Frougie Fashionista, My Sewing Journey and I included photos of my most successful projects. I love that book it is a great reminded of my first creations and great for looking back to see how much I have improved at my craft.


This year, I received my Frougie Fashionista, My Sewing Journey Pt II book and I was excited all over again. I posted it on a facebook sewing group and received a few questions so I decided to do a quick post on creating your own annual DIY photo book.

Here are some pages from my photo books.

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The first question was “Where did you order from?”

Both years I have used Shutterfly, but I have used MyPublisher for other books and have been pleased with both. I usually use Shutterfly for these types of books because it is a simple website to use. You have three options. Make My Book is a newer option where for a $9.99 fee a “shutterfly expert” will custom design a book for you. The Simple Path option allows you to select a theme or template but the software arranges the photos for you automatically. After which you can rearrange photos or add captions. The option I use, Custom Path, (because I’m a artist and I’m sensitive about my ish) is the most hands on. You can still start with a template (or start from scratch) but you place the photos where you like and add more stickers, captions, backgrounds and more.

I prefer MyPublisher for fancier photo books, like my wedding album, because they have some awesome add ons like layflat pages, glossy pages, etc. Shutterfly has actually added some of these options recently though. MyPublisher has fewer size options, requires a download (shutterfly is all web based) and has fewer themes. None of these bother me if I want complete control and a clean (not heavily themed) book. MyPublisher does have a mini book, which is about the size of a credit card, that is simply 20 pages of whatever pictures you chose plus a photo cover (you must have 21 pictures). The mini books are great to give to the kids or to replace wallet photos. MyPublisher also has more professional album options

The next question is “How much do they cost?”

It depends on the size, number of pages and add ons you choose. Both Shutterfly and MyPublisher have frequent sales, so sign up for their newsletter. Shutterfly frequently has sales of 30% and more off. I actually order my second one with a free code I got on Facebook.


Size Cover Type* Starting Price
7×9 Softcover $15.99
8×8 Softcover $19.99
Hardcover $29.99
8×11 Softcover $24.99
Hardcover $39.99
10×10 Softcover $29.99
Hardcover $49.99
12×12 Hardcover $64.99
11×14 Hardcover $74.99

*Many more cover types are available such as padded photo, matte photo and more.


Size Cover Type* Starting Price for 20 pages
Mini Book (3.5” x 2.75”) Softcover $2.99
Pocket Book (7.75” x 5.75} Softcover $12.99
  Hardcover $19.99
Classic (11.25” x 8.75) Hardcover $39.99
Deluxe (15” x11.5) Hardcover $74.99

*Many more cover types are available such as linen, book jacket and leather.

Right now Shutterfly is running a FREE photobook special thru Sunday, September 18, 2016. This is for a 8 x 8 book but the credit can be used towards a larger book if you desire. Just enter code FREEBOOK4U. Details here.

MyPublisher is also running a special (Code UNLIMITEDFALL). A $35 Classic photo book (up to 100 pages) or $70 Deluxe photo book (up to 100 pages). Details here.

**I am not being paid for this post (though I wish I was! Can I get another free book Shutterfly ?) and this offer code does not kickback any money to me**

3 responses to “DIY Sewing PhotoBook”

  1. I love this❤. I would love to have this in order to place on a take to view for craft fairs. I think I missed the coupons, but I will be looking for another one. Thanks for this info😊.

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    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      They always have some type of sale going on. I’ll let you know when I see the next free book deal.


    2. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Great idea to take a look book to craft fairs.

      Liked by 1 person

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