Flower Power for Sweater Weather

It was her idea to put the doll up in the tree.

I am so excited about these floral sweaters. Mostly I’m just pleased to have squeezed in some time to sew for myself. I loved mine so much I decided to make one for the “Little Miss”. I knew she would want one for her doll so I went ahead whipped up a mini one as well.

One thing that is always lacking in my wardrobe is tops. I think this is because I just never get excited about sewing or buying tops. I much rather wear a dress which is easier because there’s not really any pairing involved, I mean matching shoes, but I love shoes. Plus when sewing it’s just as easy to sew a simple dress as it is a top and when shopping I can usually bargain shop and find a dress (which is a whole outfit) for the same price as a top (That I still need to find a skirt or pants to pair with it). This is less of an issue in the spring and summer when I typically throw on a sundress and sandals and head out the door. I still wear a more than my fair share of dresses in the fall and winter, but that means layering with stockings or leggings and that “complicates” things. So I am determined to sew more tops for this cooler weather that is FINALLY setting in.

She HAD to wear her glitter flats just like the doll.

This floral sweater knit is from Fabric Mart is lightweight, tightly knit and a has a “slinky” hand. I can’t describe “slinky” but it’s definitely the polyester I feel. It’s not a bad thing, I like it actually. It just feels more ITY-ish than cotton-y. The sweater knit was a little lighter weight than I had wanted for a sweatshirt, but I used it anyway. I like how it turned out but these are definitely better suited for chilly fall – not cold winter – days. Next time I’ll sew these up out of a double knit or maybe knit backed fleece for a true heavy sweatshirt feel.

I’ve been loving everything with a raglan sleeve recently (dresses, tees, sweaters, jackets) so McCall 6992 was a no brainer. My shirt came together very easily. The raglan sleeve did have a dart and this was new to me, but with just three main pieces (plus three band pieces) it was a very quick sew. I believe I cut out the fabric and sewed the sweatshirt up in one evening after work. I’ve had issues previously with bands, especially neckbands, being too long in other patterns, but not this one.  I was pleasantly surprised that I had no issue this time with either the neck, sleeve or waist bands. Once stretched and sewn (I did top stitch the neckband later) they laid flat. I sewed a 16 and it fits well.


Thankfully I finally learned my lesson and have started order 3-4 yrds as a minimum when ordering fabric so I had enough fabric to make McCalls 7273 a perfect kid sized version of M6992. For her I chose to sew an 8. (She’s an small 9yo). The kid pattern is essentially exactly the same in construction as the adult version, with the omission of the sleeve darts.


Despite the total yardage needed for M6992 (sz 16), M7273(sz 8) and M7273(doll) equalling 3yds (the amount of fabric I ordered) I have about 1yd left. When I laid out the pattern pieces for each garment I ignored the layout in the instructions and just tried to maximize the fabric usage. All of the doll pieces were cut from scraps of our tops.  I think I’ll use the left over as sleeves for another girls top out and try to match the pink or yellow in the flower for the body.


Though doll patterns are typically a quick sew they do involve some small pieces. The stretchiness of this knit made it easier to sew the small items, like the cuff to the sleeve. I constructed this doll top like I did our tops (front to back, sleeve arms, then sleeve to body, then adding the hems) without reading the pattern instructions. I have to say I think the print way (sewing the main body and sleeves flat, then adding the rib, then sewing from sleeve to hem on the sides) made more since, though they both worked.

McCalls 6992
McCalls 7273

Pattern Description:
M6992: Fitted, pullover tops have neck/sleeve bands, raglan sleeves and hemline variations. A, B, C: Lower band. C, E (cut on crosswise grain): Overlay variations. D, E, F: High-low hem (wrong side may show), narrow hem. F: Purchased trim and beads.
M7273: Pullover tops have neck and sleeve bands. A: Overlay. B: Purchased flowers. A, B, C: Hem band. C, E: Applied sleeve yokes. F: Ruffle. D, E, F: Narrow hem. Doll: Back hook & loop closing A.

M6992: (8-16)and (16-24)
M7273: (2,3,4,5) and (6/7/8), both include doll size

M6992: 2/easy
M7273: 2/easy

Fabric Used: Floral Sweater knit from Fabric Mart Fabrics **SOLD OUT**

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? I only looked over them as both patterns are pretty straight forward, but yes they seemed simple to follow. I did look at the doll instructions after constructing and their method was better than what I did.

Likes: easy, quick sew

Dislikes: none

Pattern alterations or any design changes made: No

Would I sew it again? Yes I plan to make it in a quilted double knit. I have two I’m deciding between.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes, definitely.

Conclusion: Great fitting basic raglan sleeve top.

3 responses to “Flower Power for Sweater Weather”

  1. Great tops! You both, err – all three – look great. And what a cool idea to place the smallest in the tree, it made a fab photo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you.


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