Support Small Business Saturday

Below are some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from small business. When you shop small businesses you support a dream. Please think of small business during this holiday shopping season. Your friends and family will appreciate unique, handmade gifts.

Caheez.LLCCaheez is a high end, handmade boutique that focuses on creating satin lined accessories to protect tresses from the drying effects of wool fibers and the harsh natural and styling elements.  Each item is crafted with detail and quality in the forefront of the process to ensure our clients receive the best product we could possibly offer.

Caheez is featuring a Ready to Ship sale that begins 6am Black Friday. Order from the ready to ship section to eliminate your wait time to receive a quality hand made satin line hat or shawl from the company who started “satin – lined”. Also save 15% off of a $50 purchase and 20% off $100 order. Or get free shipping on any order!

I can’t wait to get my three hats from Caheez. I ordered winter white, cranberry and charcoal gray, with my new tapered cut I want to protect my hair while I keep my head warm during this winter season.

Catch Phrase, LLC

Catch Phrase is an online retail store that offers expressive outfit pieces. We are a young company, birthed as an idea in 2013 with a passion for growth, creativity and good vibes.


Save 15% on orders over $30! Stock up on tees and sweatshirts.
Gobble, Gobble. Make sure you check out some of our new phrases! #thanksgiving #shopcatchphrase #grateful #discount #blackfriday #smallbusiness #turkeyday #cybermonday
I love my ‘I will not adult today” tee. I plan to grab a sweatshirt today!

Dazzle Her Now

Dazzle Her Now is where you can find Fabulous Fashion Jewelry and Other Pretty Things. From on trend earrings to a classic cocktail ring, we have something that will surely make you Dazzle!

Black Friday Sale

Save 60% on all jewelry! Also get a customize Starbucks tumbler for $8. They make great stocking stuffers for the coffee lovers in your life.

My vinyl names from Dazzle Her Now were perfect! I applied them to stainless steel tumblers to give as gifts on a girl trip and everyone loved them!


P. Sherrod & Co.P. Sherrod & Co. has emerged in the industry offering a premium selection of high quality, reasonably priced, genuine leather lifestyle bags for women. Each of our bags fulfills a purpose and satisfies our customer’s need to look, feel or just be… Smart. Sleek. Sophisticated. Functional. Exceptional.


Save 30% from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Use Code “blackfriday16”.


Natural Girls Rock® emphasizes that it doesn’t matter how long, short, thick, thin, kinky, curly, or coiley your hair is, it’s what God gave you….so ROCK IT!


Save on accessories, skirts, tees and more!


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