My sewing journal can be yours…


I started this blog as a virtual sewing journal for myself over 2 years ago. I feel sewing journals are important. For one, I like to be able to look back over the items I’ve sewn. It’s nice to look back over my sewing journey and see how I’ve advanced. Maybe more practically a journal allows you to jot down specific notes about a pattern you’ve sewn. These notes are awesome to have when you decide to replicate an garment for yourself or someone else. I have often worn a “me made” item and had a friend ask for the same item. All I have to do is pull out my journal to remind me of any alterations I made or change in construction method I used.

I’ve also tried to keep paper journals but I’ve always ended up abandoning them. I’ve tried blank notebooks, but I was never consistent in what I recorded for each project. I looked into printed sewing journals but often they were targeted towards quilters and not apparel sewing.

That is why I decided to design my own journal! I created sheets for what I feel is most important; my to sew list, a pattern list, a list of my fabric stash and pattern notes.


At the start of each season I typically create a list of patterns that I want to sew that season. I don’t always stick to this list, but it gives me a good starting point. I list the pattern, the fabric I plan to use and how much fabric I need. This helps me to plan what fabric I need to by or pull from my stash. My lists tend to be overzealous, so I’ve included 6 pages to compose my sewing lists.

Every sewist I know tries to keep track of the patterns he/she owns and the ones he/she wants. So I have dedicated 4 pages to cataloging my pattern stash, keep track of up to ??? patterns. This way I will hopefully not purchase any multiples of patterns or forget which patterns I’m looking for when I’m at the fabric store.

Next up I’ve included 4 pages for cataloging my ever growing fabric stash. This is in hopes of sticking to my 2017 resolution to sew down a significant portion of my fabric stash. I feel if I have a list of my fabrics along with the yardage and width I’ll be more likely to “shop my stash” rather than buy new fabric.

Lastly, but most important is the pattern note section. Each of the 40 pages provide a place to record project details such as the number/name, date, view, size, type and description of each pattern sew. There is a section for fabric and notions used that also tracks the project cost. Additional spaces are provided to record any construction notes, modifications made and lessons learned as well as rate the results.

Also included are pages for general notes, the users measurements and the measurements for up to 6 additional people, such as friends, family members or clients.


I originally made this journal for my personal use. After having it printed I was so pleased I shared a photo on my Instagram page, @TipStitched, and other sewists showed an interest in purchasing a copy. What a pleasant surprise!! After 5 or more requests I added both a physical and digital copy of my sewing journal up on my TipStitched website for sale.

If you would like a copy of the sewing journal you can place your order here.  I hope you love it! If after your purchase, you feel there is anything that should be added let me know at

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