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I shared a week or two ago that I was going to enter the Suduko Wardrobe contest over on Pattern Review. This contest is quite the challenge. Similar to traditional Suduko you must complete a 4×4 board with top, bottom, shoes and an accessory that go together for each column, row and both diagonals. Check out my post or head over to Pattern Review’s Contest page to learn more.


I love a brain teaser and I love to sew so a contest that combined the two was right up my alley. The thing is 4×4=16 so that’s 16 pieces to whip up in just 8 weeks! Thankfully we are given 6 freebies (RTW or previously sewn items). Since I am NOT going to be sewing footwear that really only leaves 2 freebies.  So that’s still 10 pieces to be sewn from February 1st to March 31st. I might be crazy!

I approached this wardrobe Sudoku board just like I approach a game of suduko, with the givens (the hints that get you started). For me the givens were the pieces that were already on my To­-Sew list. Even though I was still working on my winter to sew list, I decided to focus on a spring/transitional wardrobe since the contest ends around April. While I’m not sharing my board quite yet (because I still may make a last minute change on 1-2 items) today I’m going to share with you my first make for the Suduko Wardrobe Contest, Vogue 8977.v8977_aI just added this pattern to my to-sew list. I’m not sure why I’m so late, a quick pattern review or google search shows it was a hit when it was first released.  I remember seeing MimiG and SewSinCity versions back when I first started sewing. Maybe I thought it was too difficult back then, I don’t know, but for some reason I recently fell in love with it and I had to sew it up.


V8977 calls for a challis, voile, georgette or crepe de chine. I originally wanted this contest 14707301to serve a dual purpose as a stash busting and wardrobe builder. However I quickly realized that I don’t gravitate to “spring-like” colors. Most of my stash is jewel tones, reds, black and whites. For some reason I really wanted a more light and bright color pallete for this spring wardrobe, so off to the web I went. When I came across this Asian Floral Multi print crepe on Joann’s website I fell in love. I loved the large scale of the print and the aqua, green and violet screamed spring to me. PLUS it still included my favorite black and white, I was sold. I decided this piece would be the inspiration for the whole wardrobe.


On to the actually sewing. This pattern is pretty simple as it’s a loose fitting pullover top. It features pleating, neck facings, gathered sleeves, sleeve bands and a faux button band. Though I didn’t follow their order of construction exactly, the instructions were very clear. The only problem I could anticipate is that a sewist not familiar with silky fabrics may have some issue with slipping depending on the fabric.


I chose to sew a small based on the reviews that this pattern had generous ease and the finished bust measurement of 44 1/2″ (I’m a 38 1/2″ bust). I thought 6″ of ease would be enough, especially since the medium had 10″ of ease. Turns out I should have sewn a medium, it is tight in the armhole and bicep, even after reducing all seam allowances (shoulder, side, armhole) to 3/8″. Though I admit my biceps aren’t exactly small, I haven’t had many issues with this in other patterns. It might be that I just need to widen the should or I just truly needed a medium.  I recommend going with your usual Vogue size or shooting for 8″+ of ease based on the fitted bust measurement. This is a loose fit, so a few extra inches will just add the the drape. Thankfully it is wearable, but I feel a bit self conscious in it.


I am still not confident with making buttonholes (perhaps it’s my machine) so I love that the buttons here are for decoration only. They give a little more interest to the back. My search for buttons started out without direction, I just figured I’d pick one of the colors from the print or go metallic if I couldn’t find a match after all Joann isn’t know for a huge selection. While browsing the button wall these the black and white buttons caught my eye. I don’t get excited about buttons often, but I loved these! The pattern calls for 7 button, but I only bought 6 buttons because these were sold in pairs and I’m cheap frougie and wasn’t about to pay another $2 for just one button. I simple spaced the buttons evenly along the band (about 2″ apart). You can see in the pictures if you look closely that I’m missing two buttons at the bottom, this is because I couldn’t find my last two buttons. They have to be somewhere in my sewing room and as soon as I find them I’ll add them. I’ve found that I usually find things when I’m not looking so I’ve given up for now.


I will make this shirt again, maybe lengthen it to a mini dress. I wore it out to lunch with my sister this weekend and loved flow-y blouse-y feel. It’s pretty unique so I’m not sure how many I need, but I really like it. I would like to see it in a solid but prints are fun.

In case you were wondering I am in a cemetery in these photos. Oakland Cemetery to be exact. It is an historic cemetery that serves as the resting places for many Atlanta noted citizens and a tourist destination for visitors. Since Sunday here was absolutely beautiful we walked on over after lunch for a mini photo shoot. Photo cred to my sis.



Pattern:  Vogue 8977

Pattern Description: Very loose-fitting top has front pleats, shaped hemline, wrong side shows on back hemline and back button-down closure. B, C: Bishop sleeves and sleeve bands. A: Sleeveless. B: Three-quarter sleeves. C: Long sleeves.

Sizing: XS-M, L-XXL I sewed a small but should have sewn a medium.

Difficulty: 2/easy

Fabric Used: Asian Floral Multi Silky Prints Crepe from Joann Fabrics

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes

Likes:  pleated front, back band and button detail, tunic length

Dislikes: None

Pattern alterations or any design changes made: None

Would I sew it again? Yes, I think I’ll lengthen it to a dress.

Would I recommend it to others? Definitely

Conclusion: Great top to wear with leggings or skinny jeans that is comfy and cute.

16 responses to “Suduko Contest Inspiration – Vogue 8977”

  1. It’s beautiful.


    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you!


  2. Love this top! You did a great job. I have this pattern but I haven’t made it yet. Glad to know the buttons are only decoration because I haven’t tried buttons yet. Can’t wait to see the rest of your makes for the contest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you! Put it on your list to make, it comes together pretty quickly.


  3. The blouse looks great on you! You could grade your sleeves in the bicep are when cutting out your pattern or a quick slash and spread of the sleeve. Love the print. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      I’ll probably cut a medium sleeve and bust next time.


  4. This is a great start to your Sudoku board – so many colors and styles will go with it. And I love that Egyptian arch in the cemetery – very dramatic background.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you. I’m definitely pulling out the green and maybe the lavender.


  5. I love this version on you! You look great. I hope you win the contest 🙂 I hate it when I sew up the wrong size so thank you for the tip! I’ll keep your review in mind when I sew up my version.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you. I hate it too, but I hate sewing muslins so…. . Thank goodness it fits


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  7. Cute top.
    Photos taken at the cemetery…… funny.


  8. […] be jeans (because…jeans). Leggings, or slim pants, seemed like a good idea to work with the floral tunic, but that still left one more. I played around with the fourth block…a fitted skirt? a midi […]


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