What I did this weekend…

I can’t be the only one who loves “free” weekends. You know, those weekends free of “adulting”… no kids events, no boring errands, no appointment, no obligations. Those weekends are often the ones where I lock myself in my sewing room and just sew, sew, sew. A “sew”cation if you will. I don’t always sew, some weekends I might indulge in binge watching Law & Order or Golden Girl repeats.


Whelp…this weekend was not that type of weekend. LOL. No, this weekend included a morning zumba class, chasing down a package that didn’t arrive on time, midday youth soccer games both Saturday and Sunday, two-or three- Target runs  and an impromptu family gathering. It was a great weekend but it was relatively busy.

Ollie Bomber from Sew a Little Seam

Although I only actually finished the sewing project, a bomber jacket for Miss Socialite above, I did successfully prep for a week of sewing. Typically my least favorite part of a sewing project is cutting out my fabric (narrowly beating out hemming) because I always want to just jump into the sewing. Another reason I hated it is beause for the last three years I’ve been cutting on a mat on the floor, but not anymore!!! If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t you should) you know that I recently “built” a cutting table. This has made the world of difference, though I still don’t love cutting. I spent a few hours of free time after things calmed down Sunday evening cutting out fabric for my next 4 projects, Butterick 5926, Simplicity 1019, a second Ollie Bomber for Miss Socialite and matching joggers using Simplicity 8268.


Both B5926 and S1019 are for my Pattern Review Suduko contest entry, so those will probably have priority. I’m so excited to make my first blazer. I don’t recall how I came across this older pattern, I think I was search jackets on Pattern Review, but as soon as I saw this was a knit blazer I was SOLD. I love blazers but they seem like a challenge, I feel like this unlined knit pattern will have simpler construction and more forgiving fit to traditional woven blazers. Add to that all the great reviews on Pattern Review and it was a no brainer for me. A run to my local fabric store to grab this mustard scuba knit was one of the errands I had to squeeze in this weekend, because the fabric I was going to purchase sold out online.

Thankfully I already had this heavier weight black ponte in my stash for S1019. I’ve made these pants before but the ponte was a too lightweight for pants. Hopefully this ponte will be the perfect weight!

I had enough of the floral quilted double knit that I used for my Floral Bomber to make a matching one for Miss Socialite. And after cutting that out I still had large remnant left so I figured I could whip up some matching joggers for a cute sweatsuit.

I also cut out the pattern for my next Fabric Mart guest post, McCalls 7577. I can’t wait to start this project.

I find that by having my projects already cut out I can get more sewing done during the week. The days when I can come home and get straight to sewing I feel more productive. Maybe it’s just me, but knowing that I first have to cut the pattern or cut the fabric causes me to often put off starting the project for another day when I will have more time. So I have decided to spend the weekends, when possible, cutting out patterns and fabric for the pieces I want to sew for the next week or two.

Of course I’ll be blogging about these projects soon, so stay tuned! Sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already! (scroll down to enter your email address)

What’s your process? Do you strategically plan your sewing projects? or do you sew as inspiration hits you? Do you try to finish a project in one sitting/day/weekend? or do you down steps across multiple days?

2 responses to “What I did this weekend…”

  1. I binge watch Golden Girls too most times while I’m sewing; I even have the box set dvd, LOL! I look forward to seeing what you make. I have M7577 high on my sew list too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      I need the box set! It’s almost always on some station though. I’m so excited about m7577


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