Floral Jumper – Kwik Sew 4138

Romper: DIY K4138 | Tee: Merona (Target) | Shoes: Merona (Target)

Can you tell I love this print?! LOL It should look familiar if you saw my V8977 post. I mentioned in that post that this print was the inspiration for my Suduko Wardrobe. Joann carries this Asian Floral Multi print in the silky crepe I used for the tunic and the stretch twill I used for this jumper.


I have been wanting to sew Kwik Sew 4138 since last year and this contest was a perfect opportunity to make it. Due to the nature of a suduko wardrobe this piece has to work with two outfits. I could’ve made two tee’s to pair with the jumper, but I decided it would be more interesting if this piece provide two different looks.


The answer..make the bib detachable so that it can be worn as overalls and as a skirt!!! I loved the idea but had to ponder a little to figure out the best way to make this work. My first thought was to sew buttons to the inner waistband of the skirt and then sew buttonholes into the bottom of the bib, but ultimately reversed that and sewed buttonholes in the waistband facing and attach buttons to the bib.  This was perfect because the buttons would be encased in the waistband when the bib was attached, but when it was not attached there would be no buttons to dig into my waist!

I sewed the buttonholes in the interfaced waistband facing and then sewed these flat button on the front side of the bib. **ignore the uneven spacing of the buttonholes**
How the two pieces come together.

This was my first Kwik Sew pattern and I have to say the instructions were very, very clear. The thicker pattern paper was appreciated as well! I did miss the finished measurements, not sure if Kwik Sew doesn’t provide those or if it was just this pattern since nothing here i is truly fitted. I began with the skirt which I pretty much sewed without following the instructions, though I did read them for the zipper instructions as this was my first lapped zipper.


The lack of finished measurements was an issue as the large was too big by at least three inches. I flat measured the waistband but I suppose I measured incorrectly. Unfortunately I had already inserted the zipper and attached the waistband before realizing my error. After removing the zipper and removing 1.5″ from each center back panel and redoing everything the skirt fit pretty well. I probably should’ve trimmed off another half inch but I was too lazy. Next time I’m not sure if I’ll sew a Medium or a Small.

I love a skirt that twirls! Skirt: DIY K4138 | Tee: Merona (Target) | Shoes: Nine West (old)

I deferred to the pattern instructions when it came to attaching the waistband and attached the non-interfaced waistband to the skirt and then attached the interfaced waistband as a facing (typically I have my interfaced waistband piece face the outside-this makes it face the inside). Before closing the waistband I sewed five equally spaced button holes between the marking for the bib placement on the waistband facing. For the straps I decided on snaps because I wasn’t sure the button method would work (since it did I would use buttons next time).  I attached the female side of hammer on snaps to the interfaced waistband facing for the strap attachment using the markings as a guide. Lastly I top stitched the waistband, closing it and sewed the button closure. At this point the skirt was complete (minus the hemming).


Next up the bib!  I lengthened the bib and the straps by 1-1/2″ (the width of the waistband) in order to have room to add the buttons and snaps. The bib is simple, I sewed the bib and facing together RSF along all four sides, leaving a small opening at the bottom to turn it right side out (just like a pillow). I then top stitched the entire piece. I decided to omit the pocket, I thought it was too much in this print. I added the buttons for the straps and then five buttons equally spaced to bottom of the bib.


After I sewed the straps and made the buttonholes I attached the straps to the bib and the bib to the skirt and tried it on. I then adjusted the straps while wearing the jumper and pinned to the desired position on the back of the skirt. After hammering the male portion of the snaps to the strap and hemming the skirt I was all done!

My Yorkie joined me for this photo-op. 

Pattern:  Kwik Sew 4138

Pattern Description: Jumper and jumpsuit have self-faced overall bib, shoulder straps that button at top of bib and criss-cross at back, waistband, waist gathers, side seam pockets, back lapped zipper with button closure and topstitching detail. Jumper A: Patch pocket, skirt cut on crosswise grain.

Sizing: XS-XL (adults) I sewed a large, but it was too big

Difficulty: 2/easy if you’re already familiar with them. 3/intermediate if you make it detachable like me.

Fabric Used: Asian Floral Multi Stretch Twill  from Joann

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes, though maybe not as gathered.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very

Likes: I love the full skirt, side pockets

Dislikes: None except the lack of a finished waist measurement

Pattern alterations or any design changes made: I made the bib detachable

Would I sew it again? Yes, probably in a denim or corduroy

Would I recommend it to others? Yes if you are looking for a skirted overall or apron dress pattern

Conclusion: Cute pattern


5 responses to “Floral Jumper – Kwik Sew 4138”

  1. Very cute! I have that pattern and want to make the overall pants in a lightweight denim for spring.

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    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      I will probably remake this in a lightweight demin.


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