Wrap Top – Butterick 6285

I love all things that wrap! I mean who doesn’t? Wrap dress, wrap shirts, wrap skirts, they’re all great! I know I’ve made one wrap skirt (here), a reversible wrap dress (here), several faux wrap dresses and a few faux wrap tops, but never a true wrap top. That might be because I rarely make tops of any kind. After my last two sews I’m realizing that tops can be great rewarding quick sews, so this might change.

Butterick 6285 is the sixth piece in my Suduko Wardrobe. I needed a simple white top to wear with the skirt of the floral jumper (here) and two pairs of pants I’ve yet to share, but I didn’t want to sew a basic tank. I bought this pattern when it first came out solely for the top pattern and I’ve been meaning to sew it up for a while now. I figured it would work well with the full skirt of the jumper because it is paired with a full skirt in the pattern envelope.


The fabric is a snow white rayon/lycra knit that I ordered from Fabric Mart during a pre-cut pieces sale. The entire 3 yard cut was ONLY $4.80 or $1.60/yd. I paid more for shipping than the fabric, but even adding their $8.75 flat rate shipping the price still came to under $5/yd. That’s a steal for not having to leave the couch!!! Fabric Mart is selling off their last batch of 2-,3- and 4-yd pre-cut pieces now (3/21/2017) and they are at least 60% off making the price just $2.40/yd


Construction wise this was a simple sew. The pattern is only TWO pieces! The front bodice, back bodice and sleeve are one pattern piece, you cut the piece twice on double thickness to get 4 pieces (2 for main, 2 for lining).  For the ties you again cut twice on double thickness. That’s it! It comes together really quickly. The lining is bagged so there is minimal hand sewing. I love that the top is self lined. I was concerned once my fabric arrived that it would be too sheer, but with the self lining it is the perfect opaqueness (Is that a word?) and weight.


There are only two issues I have with this pattern.

  1. The bodice length. I had read this concern on pattern review before cutting and sewing this top. However I had just put together my new cutting table and because I was so excited not to be cutting on the floor I wasn’t thinking about that, I just wanted to cut into something and this project was next on my to sew list. Still, I do not believe I have a long torso so this top is short. I mean maybe by late summer I can rock this look (I’m already down 7lbs this year) but for right now….nah!  It definitely doesn’t look like a crop top on the pattern envelope photos.  Next time I will add 3” to the bottom of the top. This will involve some reworking of the wrap and I’ll deal with that whenever I make it up. I’m debating whether I will either just add length to the bottom or rework the neckline or lower the ties.
  2. Hand sewing the sleeve hems. I feel like there is a way for me to bag this, but I was trying to sew this quickly and just followed the instructions. This is a small thing, but if you’re a regular you know I don’t love hand sewing. If this was a printed fabric I would have topstitched the sleeve to the sleeve lining with a narrow zig zag stitch. In this crisp white I felt the topstitching would have taken away for the softness of the top so I hand stitched them.

Well, that’s it! All in all I love this top. I’m going to rework the length and make this over and over again. It is sort of a fabric hog for a top, given that it requires 2-3/8 yds (short sleeve) and 2-5/8 yd (long sleeve). This of course is because of the self lining. The saving grace is that it is a quick sew with impressive results and has the potential to be a great fabric stash buster.


Pattern: Butterick 6285 View B

Pattern Description: Fitted, self-lined, wrap top has tie ends *note: no provision provided for above waist adjustment.

 Sizing: 6-14, 14-22 I cut a 12 (38” bust)

Difficulty: 1/beginner

Fabric Used: Snow white rayon/lycra jersey from Fabric Mart

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes, but shorter.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very

Likes:  True wrap top, self lined, V back neckline

Dislikes: short bodice, next time I’ll add three inches

Pattern alterations or any design changes made: None

Would I sew it again? Yes, but I will add length to the bodice

Would I recommend it to others? Definitely, especially to ladies with flat stomach. lol

Conclusion: Easy pattern with (potentially) great results

13 responses to “Wrap Top – Butterick 6285”

  1. I like this top, I will have to pick up this pattern

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    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Yay. It’s a super quick sew!


  2. I was waiting on your review….I love everything about this. I have this pattern…like you I will have to lengthen to below my belly button….however Super cute:)

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    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thanks. I’ll repost when I make it again.


  3. I did a little research and found this post http://bygumbygolly.com/2016/02/pattern-hack-lengthen-the-butterick-b6285-wrap-top-bodice/ I understood it and she does a good job explaining the modifications. There is allot of pics that help as well:)

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    1. frougiefashionista Avatar



  4. Nice top! It looks great on you. I love the funny pattern pieces in these.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Thank you. Aren’t they weird looking?

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  7. Love it! But, I don’t like to show tummy. I think it would look fabulous with high waisted “sailor” pants, dark navy with 3 buttons going up each side in front.


    1. Thanks. That is a good idea. Now I need to make sailor pants


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