How I spent my L.A. Finch Fabrics Giftcard!

Back in February I won a Valentine’s Day Instagram Giveaway from L.A. Finch Fabrics. YAYYYY ME! The giveaway was for a $25 gift card and a Lapel Pin!


I had promised myself I wasn’t going to purchase any fabric in 2017 until I at least made some semblance of a dent in my fabric stash, but all of that went out the window when I won this giveaway. Honestly, I had already broken my promise due to the Suduko Wardrobe Contest. I convinced myself that was different… in my mind because it was going to be sewn immediately and never actually sit in my stash it was OK. Anyway in an attempt to keep my promise I did wait a over a month before placing my order. Does 3-4 projects count as a dent?

The St. Patrick’s Day sale got me. L.A. Finch Fabrics was running a special discount on green fabrics. I was first sucked in by a great deal on this Camouflage Rayon Spandex Knit. It was just finchcamozoomout$3.98 (it still is by the way) and I just had to have it, especially at that price. If you haven’t noticed army and olive greens are everywhere this season, thanks no doubt to Pantone’s color of the year Greenery. With all these shades of green camo is a going to be a pseudo neutral print for me.

I’m 100% sure this will become a top. The question is what top? Will it be a V-neck pocket tee using S8177, a hi lo tank using S1167, a dolman sleeve tee like S1463 or maybe a A-line tank using KS3844. With some creative pattern piece placement a maybe I can squeeze two projects on my 2 yards.

Next up was this Mustard Ponte de Roma! If you follow mefinchponteon Instagram (if you don’t, why not?) you know that I was working on a mustard knit blazer. Sadly I was using a scuba because I couldn’t find a mustard ponte locally or online at the time, but that didn’t really work out like I wanted. There will be a whole blog post on that, but my point is I wanted to try it again.

Unfortunately I believe this ponte is too soft and will suffer the same fate as the scuba. All is not lost though, it will work great for another version of M6844 or another cardi pattern. The feel of it is so soft and luxurious it might become a dress. We’ll see.

finchliverpoolmintThis Mint Spring Floral Liverpool knit might be my favorite piece of the bunch. I’ve been really wanting to get my hand on some of this liverpool knit because I’ve heard so many great things about it on Instagram from sewists I follow like brittanyjjones and @sewisewedthis.

When it arrived immediately understood the hype! The weigh is between light to medium and it has an interesting crepe texture on the face, but on the inside it has super soft brushed texture. It is going to feel so amazing on. It has a good amount of stretch and seems to have great recovery. I’m a tad concerned it will hold heat (I live in the south and summer is coming!), but I haven’t heard anyone complain about that so maybe I’m worrying for nothing.


This fabric comes in solids as well as prints, but I definitely wanted a print. At first I was considering the Bali Bliss print, but when I saw this mint floral in the End of the Bolt section I knew it was the one. (it also comes in pink) I scored 2.5 yards for $12.50 which is just $5/yd, though the regular price of $6.98/yd is a great price. I’ve seen this mint floral pattern EVERY where in ready to wear from dresses to tops to shoes!


This will definitely become a dress, I’m thinking something with a sleeveless with full skirt, perfect for this upcoming spring weather. My first thoughts go to M7403, B6053, or maybe even M7538. I know what ever I make with will be beautiful because the fabric is gorgeous.


Last up is this Faux Leather with Suede Backing. I actually saw this after I had placed my order for the fabric above, but at just $1.99 (a flash sale) I had to add some to my order. Thankfully the ladies of at L.A. Finch were able to accommodate my request. The description on the site says “This medium weight faux dark olive leather has a nice sheen and ultra suede backing. This is overstock from a designer and was too pretty to pass up!! This faux leather has a slight stretch and ideal for jackets, embellishment for ponte leggings, mocassins, clutches, or even decorative car interiors.

I have no idea what this is going to become, it feels lightweight to me and definitely has stretch but i’m not to sure how recoverable that stretch is. I think I’ll take their advice and whip up some ponte leggings with leather accents using B5788. Another thought was a colorblocked dress or skirt with some leather details like M7644 or Burda 6851. I have two yards of it so it can go a long was as an accent.


If you couldn’t tell I am ecstatic about all of these fabrics!!! I truly couldn’t be happier and the company is amazing, everyone I contacted was a pleasure to talk (well really email) with. Look at the nice note they included with my order along with my lapel pin! Thank YOU!

If you’ve never heard of LA Finch Fabrics check their website and follow them on Instagram. If you have and you haven’t ordered, order NOW! LOL If you have ordered what did you get? I still want to grab some of their double brushed poly knits.



11 responses to “How I spent my L.A. Finch Fabrics Giftcard!”

  1. So I am mad that I am just finding out about LA Finch fabrics.😂😂 You all were keeping them to yourselves.💜 Great pics! I will purchase from them soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      I had heard of them but this was my first purchase. Definitely order soon.


  2. That’s a fab haul abi!! It really doesn’t count if you’ve won it, it just makes it more special 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      I like your logic, but you know I went over the $25 right? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That mint/orange flower is similar to something I have but mine is so lightweight it’s difficult to decide what to make. All lovely fabrics there 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      Maybe a cute tee shirt?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. Something summery, not tight fitting though, I don’t like tight clothes.


      2. frougiefashionista Avatar

        I could see a loose fit tunic!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. […] knit that I ordered with my winnings from one of their Instagram Giveaways. (See my entire haul here). When I saw this fabric I knew I wanted it to become a top but was unsure on the style. After […]


  5. […] when a 2.5 yd remnant of this Mint Floral Liverpool knit became available I had to grab it with my winnings.  I am so glad that I did, I really love the fabric! It has a great crepe texture on the front […]


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