Vogue Summer ’17 Pattern Release

Can we talk about these new summer Vogue patterns, please!!! I have been pretty impressed with the Big 4’s early spring and spring pattern releases. For awhile there I felt they were just repeats of old pattern, maybe slightly reworked, but nothing new nothing fresh. I thought it might be due to the fact I wasn’t a newbie sewist anymore. Maybe eventually, you’ve just seen everything (or at least a variation of it). I had actually slowed down on my pattern buying (which was a good thing).

Whelp, Vogue has kilt (yes kilt) that! I need at least 4 of these new summer patterns. Before I list them I do understand that these patterns might not be for everyone, my favorites are certainly not practical, but practical isn’t what I want from Vogue. Vogue is supposed to give us designer styles and they have done that.

Must Havesv1546_a

First up, my favorite, V1546. I can see this so many ways, the pattern calls for twill, linen or poplin, but I can see it in a denim chambray, crepe or even Ankara. Whether you pick prints or solid fabric this dress will stand out. I love the feminine touch of the grosgrain ribbon for the halter. The back band helps to hide a strapless bra for those who can’t go completely braless. I’m not big on pleats but I will be making this pattern! I will be wearing this all summer. I love the way they styled the model! The only thing I’m unsure about is why the skirt has a yoke, if possible I will eliminate that. We’ll see.


Not surprising since dresses are my favorite is V1545 is a close second pick. I should first say I absolutely do not need this pattern. I have no where to wear this. That being said I will likely still buy it, it looks like a challenge to sew, but when I’m done I feel proud (sort of like V1531). The skirt alone could be worked into my wardrobe and that is a possibility. I’m thinking scuba, matte jersey or lycra jersey for this dress so could skip the hemming. Again I don’t love this wholeheartedly, I think they could have skipped the open back on this one, the front is so dramatic I don’t feel it was necessary.v9259_a

I love all the views of this romper, V9259, but would probably only ever sew A and maybe B. Why? Because any pattern that takes more that 4yds is a no go for me. LOL I cannot explain why! I think it just becomes overwhelming mainly because I hate cutting (fabric and patterns) and it just seems like a lot. Maybe it’s because 6 yards can be costly for one project and I worry of the money wasted if I mess up. I’m sure one day I will work pass this, but for now I’ll be happy just sewing up View A, which uses less than 2 yards. Super cute, my love of rompers continues.

On to the maybes…


V9252,doesn’t blow me away, but I do like it. I feel like there is a peplum top very similar to this that I could just extend into this hi-lo dress. It’s cute though, very summer-y.

While V1550 isn’t me at all, I feel my mother would love this loose, architectural tunic and wide leg pant combo. So I just might buy it to make for her.

V9253 is actually maybe for me. I saw several sewists that were clamoring for this one on Instagram. I do like it, don’t get me wrong, but I have other maxi dress and caftan patterns that might be close enough to this one. Still I could see myself buying it because the model looks great, I love the fabric they used (that gets me often on patterns) and I love the deep V. If if wasn’t for the live model pic on the website i would have certainly passed on this. If I buy this it will be in my second round pattern haul if I have time in the summer to sew it.

Next up “Why?”


Everything isn’t for everybody and I’m certainly not a fashion expert but V1548 had me shaking my head. It just looks so 80’s Dallas to me. I don’t get it, but someone may make it up and I’ll see the light.

V1547, V1551, V9251, V9257 All look like repeats of other patterns to me. I hate to say that about the wrap dress but they just aren’t creative enough for me to pay the premium “Vogue” price. I guess I should have give the last two a break since they are “Very Easy Vogue”, huh?

What you do you think of Vogue’s Summer 17 patterns? What’s your Good, Bad and Ugly? or Yes, No and Maybes?

4 responses to “Vogue Summer ’17 Pattern Release”

  1. You were spot on with your post…however…V9253 was my favorite:)

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    1. frougiefashionista Avatar

      I definitely see how it could be!


  2. The Fabric Kitchen Avatar
    The Fabric Kitchen

    V1545 is definitely a great dress. But I too have nowhere to wear it. Bit too fancy for the office! 😆

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  3. […] soon as I saw Vogue 1546 I knew I had to have this pattern as well as a few others (see here for my thoughts on the whole collection). The unique design of this dress really grabbed by […]


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