A Tried and True Review: McCalls 6886

Anyone who has been sewing clothing for anytime has likely sewn or heard of the TNT (tried-and-true) McCalls 6886.

So why is M6886 a TNT pattern?  Well it’s so simple!

  1. Can be made with as little as two pattern pieces (View D & F)
  2. Can be sewn is 1-2 hours
  3. Can be easily graded for those who are a different size on the “top” and “bottom”
  4. Can be sewn with any knit
  5. Can be styled casual or dressy
  6. Requires no closures

Straight out of the envelope M6886 is a great dress. Just check out some of my makes below.

My First Attempts in ITY and Sweater knit read post
Long Sleeve version in a scuba knit read more
Dashiki Dress
Again in a dashiki print

Being easy to sew is great, but the Main reason M6886 is a TNT pattern is because it can be so easily altered! The pattern itself includes several options four dress lengths, three sleeve lengths and three necklines. But the options you can add are endless; add a hood, add a bust pocket, add a peplum hem, vary the sleeves, add side splits, slash and split to make a tee shirt dress and more… Just take a look as some of the versions I have made.

Frankenpatterned with M7061 read more
Another hoodie dress, this time sleeveless.
Colorblocked read more
With an added cape
With an added flounce read more

WOW! I really love black and white huh? I should probably make some in a few colors or colorful prints. A great alternative to this pattern is the relatively new M7531 which is very similar but has an added center back seam. The newer pattern is great for those who may need to make a few more adjustments for fit, such as a sway back. But guess what? You could always just trace your back pattern piece of M6886 add 5/8″ SA and custom fit to back piece to your measurements!

Have you sewn M6886? How many times? How have you hacked it?

11 Replies to “A Tried and True Review: McCalls 6886”

  1. This looks like a good easy pattern for me to start with. I want to move towards the clothing world soon! I LOVE this hoodie dress! with and without sleeves. It looks so comfy! I might have to try that one day! thanks for sharing

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  2. I love your hoodie versions of the dress! I’ve made the dress 3 times so far (2 for my mom & 1 for myself). I plan to make more for myself. I want to do one in black with the cold shoulder sleeves. I also want to try one with split sleeves & maybe bell sleeves also.

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