Stretch Dashiki Dress: McCalls 6886

Dress: DIY-M6886 |Wedges: Jessica Simpson (old)

Last month I dedicated a whole post to one of my favorite patterns, McCalls 6886 and I’ve made it again. I shared a few ways I’ve modified this very simple bodycon dress. (You can read about those here.) This time I kept it simple letting the fabric do all the work.


The simplicity of this dress lends itself to be paired with big, bold and/or busy prints like this dashiki print. I’ve sewn this pattern using a stretch dashiki fabric before (three times actually in a cream colorway) but those were orders for others. I always meant to make one for myself and thankfully I had two panels of this denim dashiki lycra fabric.

dashikiI purchased this fabric from African Fabrics Overload Facebook group and while I love the fabric, I did not have a satisfactory experience with them. The main issue was after paying I had to contact someone more than once to make sure that my fabric was shipped. I took forever to arrive and I just really dislike being told something will ship on a certain date and never receiving a confirmation. Unfortunately they are the only source I know of for lycra dashiki fabric. If anyone knows of another source please share in the comments.


This is View D because I wanted the dress to fall at my knee. I did line this dress as the fabric is as opaque as I would like. Other than that no modification was made, just careful placement of the two pattern pieces. To achieve this look you need to use a panel for the front and another for the back, sadly this results in quite a bit of wasted fabric.


Pattern Description: Close-fitting, pullover dresses have neckline variations, and stitched hems. E and F: neck bands.

Sizing: 6-14, 14-22  I cut a 16, View C

Difficulty:  1/ Easy

Fabric Used: Lycra dashiki fabric from African Fabrics Overload Facebook Group

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Super Simple

Likes: Quick bodycon style dress

Dislikes: none

Pattern alterations or any design changes made: None

Would I sew it again? probably a dozen times

Would I recommend it to others? 100%  YES

Conclusion: A great basic pattern! The options through modifications are endless.

8 responses to “Stretch Dashiki Dress: McCalls 6886”

  1. I love the print placement. I also had a similar experience with that group. I will be on the lookout for you for stretch Dashiki fabric. I’m going to head over and read your modifications. Oh, the hair looks great.

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    1. Thank you. I was so disappointed with their service, which is a shame because they have nice fabric.

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      1. Yes, they do. Hopefully it has gotten better though. I wish them the best.


  2. Try Shop Kente on Etsy


  3. Great minds think alike!! I have some Dashiki fabric and will be using the same pattern #. I also bought the material from the same Facebook group. Never again! I like how you did the pattern placement and will us the came concept when mines is complete, great post!

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    1. I was so disappointed in the customer service, a shame to because I would love to have more of this fabric. What color did you purchase? I’d love to see yours.


  4. I have the teal, white and black version of yours.

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