Simplicity 2017 Fall Release


I tend to only do these pattern release reviews when I love a new collection and this is true for this years fall release from Simplicity. This year marks Simplicity’s 90th anniversary and to celebrate they have been bringing back many vintage patterns. Now I haven’t sewn any vintage patterns and they are not necessarily my thing, but some of these are must haves and must sews!

Simplicity Pattern 8505 Misses' Vintage Caftans


First up is 8050 a 70s vintage caftan pattern. Vogue 9253 proves that we love a caftan and this one is no exception. While I could see myself sewing both versions, I love that the two views are very different. One with a round neck the other a V, one has a high slit while the other features a gathered skirt, one features sleeves while the other has dramatic “wings”.

Simplicity Pattern 8506 Misses' Vintage Set of Sleeves


Speaking of sleeves, with 2017 being undisputedly the “Year of the Sleeve” the release of this vintage sleeve pattern is right on time. Simplicity 8506 offers 8 unique sleeve patterns for you to incorporate into your existing pattern of shirts and dresses. Views A, C, D, F, G or H catch my eye. Which are your favorites from 8506?


Simplicity Pattern 8509 Misses' Vintage Coat or Jacket


I’m on the fence about 8509. I love the shawl collar, raglan sleeves and full cut of this classic coat/jacket, but I’m unsure about the large cuff. A feels it’s a touch to vintage to incorporate into my more modern wardrobe. I think if I were to sew it up I would try View C the shorter version minus the fold back cuffs.



Simplicity may have gone back to the archives for inspiration but they have also included some new trends.

Simplicity Pattern 8511 Misses' Dress with Sleeve Variations

View D of 8511 keeps with the cold shoulder trend from this spring and summer and adds a ruffles!  I’m not usually a really a cold shoulder fan, but I think this dress would be cute for the right occasion. views A and C of this dress offer a pleated and trumpet sleeve respectively continuing with this years sleeve trend. View B features what might be the most unique sleeve I’ve seen in a pattern. I don’t even know what to call it, do you? It’s a blend of a cuff and a flared sleeve. This dress features french darts which I’ve avoided french darts for some time now, this may be the time to give them a try.

Simplicity Pattern 8512 Misses'/Miss Petite Tops with Sleeve Variations

Though all the views of 8512 are appealing I would purchase it only for View D. It reminds me of Vogue 1513 that I sewed up earlier this year, but as a top. I love that dress so it’s no surprise I would want it as a top as well.

Simplicity Pattern 8513 Misses' Knit Bodysuits

I have been wishing for this bodysuit (8513) for a while now and I’m so happy it is here! I didn’t think I was asking for much just a basic bodysuit with a bikini cut bottom with some sleeve variations. Each of the bodysuit patterns I own have at least one thing missing. McCalls 7606 had the bikini cut but was off the shoulder, Kwik Sew 3661 is actually a leotard pattern so it doesn’t have snaps and Simplicity 8435, though the closest had henley neckline which I was going to eliminate. I also looked at Simplicity 8344 but it was only offered in plus sizes and the Nettie by Closet Case but it had a full coverage bottom. Obviously I could alter any or all of these patterns to achieve what I wanted, but I just love when a pattern comes along that is exactly what I want. S8513 even throws in a wrap bodice I didn’t know I wanted.

Simplicity Pattern 8514 Misses'/Petite Amazing Fit Skinny Pants


I love a center seam on a pant ankle pant so I will definitely be grabbing 8514. Pants are a piece of clothing I’m still trying to gain coincidence in making. I’ve had a few sucesses (here, here and here), but I need to challenge myself with more. I’ve wanted to make this style of pant for a while mainly in hopes that having a extra seam would make any adjustments easier, like princess seams on a dress. I even purchased McCalls 7098 only to later find out it had questionable reviews on Pattern Review which made me question my self and put the project aside. I’ve had good luck with Simplicity’s Amazing Fit dress patterns so I’m hoping that hold true for the pants patterns as well.

Simplicity Pattern 8520 Giris' and Misses' Jumpsuits and Booties

One piece pj’s scream fall and winter to me. I just love to wear these around the house on chilly fall and winter mornings while relaxing on the sofa sipping some hot tea. My husband and son hate these, but that’s fine this can be strictly a thing for me and Miss Socialite. I’m definitely sewing a set for Christmas, maybe the boys can get matching 2-piece pjs.

Looks like I’ll be hitting up the Simplicity sale at Joann that starts this Thursday (October 5th) and crossing my fingers that they have the new patterns in stock, though it isn’t likely.

What do you think of Simplicity’s fall patterns? Did any make your “To-Sew” list? Which ones?


6 responses to “Simplicity 2017 Fall Release”

  1. Omg. I feel you I want that body suit pattern. I have the henley body suit pattern but I am focusing my sewing projects this fall on adding to my current professional wardrobe and that pattern is not adequate for it. I also am excited about the center seam pants pattern, I too bought the McCall Pattern and saw the reviews and put it to the side Lol. Went to Hobby Lobby and of course they do not have any of the new fall patterns and I doubt JoAnn will have it this week as well.

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    1. Yes about the suit! I’m going to try Joann tomorrow even though I’m sure they won’t be in yet.


  2. My wish list has just gotten longer….thnakyou! I’m liking the amazing fit trousers, the body suit, well nearly all of them if I’m honest!

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  3. I want a bodysuit too – thanks for pointing out this new pattern.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think they bodysuit is going to sell out quickly. I checked Joann yesterday, no luck.

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