My Thoughts on McCalls Winter 2017 Release


So I am throwing this post together last minute because the photos for the DIY I planned to post today were terrible. Sorry. Thankfully, McCalls released their Winter/Holiday 2017 collection yesterday, so let’s discuss!

I’ll start on a high note, my likes. These are the ones I think I will purchase.

McCalls 7683, 7685, 7688 and 7690

I like the idea of the Create It patterns but in the past McCalls has typically reserved these for formal dresses so I’ve never used one. While the longer versions of McCalls 7683 could certainly be dressed up for a formal occasion, the short circle skirt offers a daytime option. I could see myself wearing any of the options except for the skirt with the train (view 6) and that is only because I hardly have a formal occasion to attend.

My favorite of the collection is definitely M7685 which is odd because this dress actually includes some of my least favorite things; gathering, sheer/delicate fabrics, lining, boning and it’s fabric hog requiring almost 4yds of 60″ fabrics.  But it’s a beautiful, light, flow-y goddess dress. I really do not need in my wardrobe and it may prove to be to much of a challenge (in my head at least) so I’m not sure I will sew it, but I want it!

I have two pieces of sweatshirt fleece in my stash that I have been eager to sew up. I had pretty much made up my mind to sew two fashionable sweatsuits, you know …cute enough to wear out, but cozy enough to lounge in. My plan was to hack a basic sweatshirt pattern to create interesting tops and pair with M7061 joggers, but now I am thinking I need a convertible sweatdress. That’s the best description I have for View E of M7688 which seems to go from dress (or tunic) to top length.and would pair well with tights or leggings for a cute, casual look. I could see myself possibly sewing Views A & C, but never B or D. A part of me thinks I could just modify one of the existing sweater patterns I already own, but the other part doubts I have a drop shoulder top pattern which is one of my favorite things about this pattern. We’ll see…

Lastly, I am painfully aware that I need to sew more pants and I could see myself wearing M7690, well at least View C. They remind me of the Pixie pant I love from Old Navy; front fly, tapered leg and ankle length. View D actually speaks to me, but I can’t see myself wearing that extreme of a flare in real life, imaginary me loves them though. I almost hate that I like these because I wouldn’t sew up any of the flared views. My fabric choice would either be a ponte or stretch woven – like a sateen or twill because all my pants need to stretch a little.

This next group isn’t bad, but they just seem like repeats.


View A of M7681 is nearly identical to View A of V8945! The other views vary a tad but only in the length of the sleeve because the flared options are very similar. The off the shoulder neckline has been very popular for a while now, so you don’t have to look too hard to find a similar pattern to M7686. McCalls own 7636 features an almost identical neckline. Yes it’s a bodysuit, but you could simply cut it off at the waistline or a few inches below to achieve the same look. Also 7683 from this release features a similar flounce as views A & B. I may still grab this one if Joann has a 99 cent pattern sale, but it isn’t necessary.

Though I’ve never made a shirt dress (well I did make this one) I really do love to wear them, I just hate sewing buttonholes. And because I love to wear them I’ll admit I own a few shirt dress patterns. I would guess I own at least four but at a certain point I realized they are all basically the same. Sure one may have a waistband, another will offer only a collar stand and another may feature different skirt types, but they are all similar. If you own 3 you could probably create any shirt dress you desired with a little work. What the pattern makers know is often some of us (including me) prefer not to put in that extra work, so we end of with 20 variations of a shirt dress. This is my long way of saying M7682 could be achieved using M7351 or 7242.

I love a cardigan as much as anyone, I mean who doesn’t? They are a great layering piece that can be warn year round. I guess that is why so many cardi pattern exist. It seems that every release from every pattern maker includes at least one and this collection is no different. M7693 is a perfectly fine pattern, it just seems as though I’ve seen it before like maybe M7332 or 6996.

McCalls didn’t have any “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?” pieces for me this go round (I’m looking at you Vogue holiday collection) so that’s a plus. Honestly I liked the collection as a whole, it just seems that a few were repeats (or at least recycles) of previous patterns.

What did you think? Are you planning to grab any? Do you buy similar patterns? or do you make your own alterations to achieve the look you want?

What do you think?

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