Comfy and Cute – Sweatshirt Dresses 

The fall season is definitely upon us and the winter is quickly approaching. During these chilly/cold months I love to feel comfy and warm but I still want to look casual chic. Lets face it – the comfiest outfits aren’t always cute. Thankfully McCalls released M7688 just it time to provide four different “fashionable” takes on the cozy, winter staple – the sweatshirt. I will likely make all of these views but I started with View E, the drawstring tunic.

I’ve found the type of sweatshirt fleece that is used in retail wear is difficult to find by the yard. I’ve order sweatshirt fleece online before that had no stretch – a huge NO GO – for me. Locally a big box store offers a sweater fleece that I find has stretch but is very thick, to thick for practical wear in the south. I decided to give this Candy Red Sweatshirt Fleece a try as it listed 40% stretch and light/medium weight. It has a knit right side and a soft fleece wrong side. I’m very pleased with it as it sewed up easily. Unfortunately it is sold out, but keep checking because I hope they get more in.

I was drawn to View E because it seems like a great go-to outfit for chilly fall days over tights or even fleece lined leggings. It’s cute enough to be seen in while running errands or when that unannounced guest stops by during the holiday season and yet still comfy enough to wear all day.


This pattern sews up quickly and the instructions are clear. The only thing that confused me was the fact that the casing for the drawstring sewn to the right side of the front. I just assumed the photo on the cover had the casing on the inside and I started to do just that but ended up following the instructions. Now that it is sewn up I don’t mind it on the outside as it just draws more attention to that feature. I’m not 100% sold on the drop shoulders either.

This project sewed up so well that I decided to make a girls version. I knew McCalls 6785 would work great, because I’ve used this pattern before. For the casing I cut a 14″ long by 2.5″ wide strip of fabric and sewed a 1/4″ hem on each long edge and a 1/2″ hem on one short end. Then I eyeballed and pinned the strip to the dress front before sewing in the ditch along both sides and stitching down the middle. Her’s is a hooded version, because she loves them.


Pattern:  McCalls 7688 | McCalls 6785 (OOP)

Pattern Description: Loose fitting tops and dresses have sleeve variations. A, B, D:Sleeve and hem bands. C: Hood, hem band, pocket, sleeve casings with purchased ties. E: Sleeve bands, front casing with purchased ties. |Pullover dresses have narrow hems. 

Sizing: XS-M, L-XXL (M7688) |3-6 ,7-14 (M76785)

Difficulty: 2/easy

Fabric Used: Red Sweatshirt Fleece with 40% stretch from Fabric Mart

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes | Not exactly

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very

Likes:  Cute, quick and comfy

Dislikes: None except I’m not a huge fan of drop shoulders |None

Pattern alterations or any design changes made: None | Added a strip of fabric to the front for the cinch effect and lengthened the dress.

Would I sew it again? Yes but probably another view | Yes

Would I recommend it to others? Yes both are quick projects with cute, comfy results

Conclusion: Cute, cozy, casual warm winter dress

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