Simplicity Spring 2018 Release


Sometimes I do these release reviews, sometimes I don’t. In full transparency this post is due to the fact I don’t have a project to share today, but I did just also notice these new spring patterns are out. Does anyone know when they were released?

Sidenote: Also just a question, does anyone else hate Simplicity’s website? And since McCalls bought out Simplicity, will they fix it soon? Edited for correction Simplicity Creative Group was acquired by CSS Industries in Nov 2017 who had previously acquired McCalls Pattern Company in Dec 2016. So there’s hope for the website.

On to my thoughts…

My “To Buy”


I love halter and halter looking, dresses which explains my first two picks 8594 and 8611. I’m not sure I would sew the other bodice of 8594, but I love both the fitted and flared skirts. I may very well sew both views of Mimi’s 8611 as I love rompers but the dress is also cute. Since I’m too lazy to draft a box pleated skirt so 8609 to the rescue. I’m pretty sure I have another box pleated skirt pattern by McCalls but that one was color-blocked and always seemed like to much work.

My “Maybe” List


So I like these enough to want them, but not enough to buy them if they aren’t $0.99. LOL I know they go on sale for $1.99 regularly (sorry to those outside the US), but in (very sad) attempt to limit my growing pattern stash I make myself wait for the $0.99 sale.

I still haven’t sewn not one undergarment, despite already already having a few lingerie, panty and bra patterns. That’s why I can’t commit immediately to 8624 even though I really love it. Also I’m still a little concerned about working with underwire. I would only purchase 8601 for my sister. She recently sent me a photo of a very similar top and though I could modify a tee to get these results, I would purchase this for 99 cents. Last up is this off-the-shoulder fitted woven dress.

My “I’ve seen this before” list


Am I the only one who thinks that the Big 4 pattern companies have gotten a little lazy? Maybe they always were, but it took me 3-4 years of sewing to realize it. Anyway, these are the patterns I like but I felt like I already had them in my stash.

These three new patterns look really similar to these three McCalls pattern. The sleeve Views C & D of 8602 closed resemble Views E & C of M7542 and the bodices are almost identical. And though Simplicity adds 2 sleeve options that weren’t offered in M7542, there are several cold shoulder pattern options already available. The wrap skirts of 8606 is very close to the ones in M7606  (down to the pattern number) as they both offer a ruffle and non ruffle options. Simplicity does add a few length variations. Y’all know I love a romper/jumpsuit but 8608, but it’s very close to M7577 even though they added two skirt options. This one was a bit of stretch because the bodice is definitely more fitted, but views C and D had very similar views with the pants and ruffle shorts.



I had to add this one for honorable mention just because I think it’s very pretty. The low V back, princess seams, tiered skirt and delicate straps are so lovely.  If I was getting married or needed a soft semi-formal-ish dress I’d like this one. I’d never make it though, it takes entirely too much fabric. I’d love to see someone else make it. So tag me if you do.





What did you think of Simplicity’s latest releases? Which one’s made your “To Buy” List.

9 responses to “Simplicity Spring 2018 Release”

  1. I am in total agreement with you about the Simplicity website. It is an absolute nightmare to navigate! This release was just meh for me. I think McCall’s has already released most of these patterns in previous seasons. I’ll be adding the pleated skirt to my addition for the same reasons as you.

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  2. You are spot on with your review…will be obtaining the same ones as you:)

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  3. Yes ma’ma! I agree with EVERYTHING you spoke on. I hate simplicity website, I go to Patter Review page to see Simplicity, Newlook and Burda new patterns (whenever they post them). The “I’ve seen this below” list is the truth. I usually go through my stash to see if I can “frankenpattern” piece, if I don’t already have it. As for the new patterns I was disappointed. Great post!

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    1. Thanks! I will to go pattern review in the future. Maybe it’s that… I’ve been sewing a little while now and I know I can frankenpattern what I want.


  4. I love how you categorized the patterns!!!!
    I still rather sit in the store and check out patterns..
    It seems to me that frankenpattern is now a must!!

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    1. Thanks. I hate sitting in the store and looking at patterns. I pin what I want on pinterest and grab and go! To each their own 😊
      Frankenpatterns are great, sometimes I think that’s all the companies do.

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  5. […] I’ve already grabbed S8611, 8609, 8594 but I’m still searching for S8264. I talked about my thoughts on Simplicity’s release, here. […]


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