2018 Spring Patterns Review


I’m starting to have a weird love/hate relationship with patterns. I’m a pattern sewists, sure I draft somethings, but I’ve found most things I dream up or see and want to recreate can be found in a pattern. Or at least I can use a pattern as a starting place and make some mods to create exactly what I want.

However I’m starting to hate the redundancy in patterns among the big 4 companies. I guess it’s true what they say, “there’s nothing new under the sun“. During my first two years of sewing I wracked up patterns during almost every pattern sale or at least at every season of new releases. Now four years in I only grab patterns that really move me. Which honestly is a good thing.

Anyway on to my thoughts about the recent spring releases. First up McCalls because they were just released this morning.


First up I’m definitely grabbing these two patterns.  I’ve been wanting to sew a trench. I purchased Simplicity 8554, but it’s more of a loose interpretation of a trench. Beaute’s M7749 is more of a classic trench, though it is sleeveless. I really which she would have added a view with sleeves. Sure I could always add some, but I’d rather not. I do love that she made a mini me version though it stops at size 8 and Miss Socialite wears a 10.

While I love a jumpsuit, I almost hate to buy M7755 because I could likely modify M7405   to a jumpsuit, but again “why?” if I can grab this for just $2 during a sale.


These three are all maybes. I think M7740 is so sweet, an easy light sundress perfect for spring and summer. However none of the views are bra friendly and I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that. I’ve been meaning to start sewing lingerie, so I think View C could be pulled off with a lacey bra or bralette. Since that may solve the issue there’s still a chance I’ll grab this one.

I love a caftan, I discovered that last summer with Vogue’s 9253, which was a hit with many.  View C of M7743 reminds me of that dress but with a wrap…and I love a wrap. This is only a maybe because I’m not sure I need another caftan pattern.

Image result for danai gurira and lupita


I’m eyeing M7745 to recreate this dress worn by Danai Gurira. Though this pattern is a wrap dress I believe I can modify to achieve this look. I’ve just got to decided if that is the easiest way. This is one case where it might be easier for me to draft it for myself.







I have to give honorable mention to M7757. If I still had the body I had in my early 30’s I would definitely be rocking more than one of these 70’s vibe crop tops. That’s really the only thing stopping me, because even as I near 40 if I didn’t have this pooch for a belly I would have it all out. LOL  I just think these tops are so cute especially paired with the free flowing wide leg pants. This pattern might be enough to get me to be serious about my eating habits. (but probably not)



Let’s move on to McCalls other branch, Butterick.


B6554 and 6551 were the only patterns from Butterick’s Spring/Summer release that I had any interest in and I doubt I will buy either. B6554 had made the cut until I saw M7745 which is very similar and I prefer the McCalls version. B6551 while a good basic easy to sew everyday dress pattern may also get skipped. We’ll see, it will like come down to how hard I have to look for it.

Keeping with the McCalls brand lets look at Vogue.

This s the only Vogue pattern that is a must have for me. I looked for it during the first Vogue $4.99 sale after the release, but of course the drawer was empty. To be honest I was just happy that my Joann’s had the new patterns at all. I’ll check again this weekend.

I love a bodysuit and a v neck and a wrap/surplice bodice so V9298 is a winner on all fronts. I can’t wait to make this one.





The more mature version of me that is a copycat of my mother really likes V1581 . It also helps that they stuck with a B&W color scheme for their envelope photos, that gets me every time. I may buy it to make something for my mother.

I have enough wide leg trouser patterns, at least one is a vogue, but V9302 is tempting me because of the contrast stripe on the side of View B. The seamstress in my knows it’s just to easy to add that feature to a pattern I already own.

After my high of making Closet Case’s Claire Coat I’m looking at coats in a whole new light. And while V1582 is really more of a jacket it’s close enough. I like it but I’m not convinced I really need it.

Switching to Simplicity Brand first of is Simplicity.


I’ve already grabbed S8611, 8609, 8594 but I’m still searching for S8264. I talked about my thoughts on Simplicity’s release, here.

Well that covers everyone except New Look which didn’t have any patterns I felt were worth mentioning and Kwik Sew which hasn’t released patterns since fall/winter of 2017.

What were your thoughts on the new releases this spring? Share in the comments.

COM CW11 $2 Sale - 2 days

For those who are interested in indie and pdf patterns I learned of a sale on makerist.com, $2 patterns!!! Ends 3/18/2018 so hurry. Some are European (so are measured in cm and may only be scaled to fit on A4 paper) but some are inches and many can be printed on letter size patter. I’m going to grab a few Kommatia patterns, I tried their FERRI bodysuit and recommend it. Read about it here. I even made a sew along if your a little worried about using a pdf pattern, watch it here.