How to Create a Sewing Vision Board

You asked and I answered! If you follow me on YouTube you know that I created a couple of “vision boards” for my Spring/Summer sewing plans that I shared in my Spring Sewing Plans Video. I said I would make a video on how to create these if anyone wanted to know how I did it and many people said yes, so here it is.


Creating sketches is a great way to create a cohesive wardrobe. You can see if you silhouettes work together and determine a color palette. It’s also useful for visualizing colorblocking on a garment. If you have Adobe Photoshop you can even get a feel for how a printed fabric will work with a particular pattern.


If you’re a talented sketcher you can do all of this by hand with hand drawn sketches or printed line drawing that you color in. I however… am a terrible sketcher so I use technology when I can to visualize my projects. If you’re not a techie, don’t worry this is pretty easy! Just check out my video and I walk you through it.

2 responses to “How to Create a Sewing Vision Board”

  1. This was so very useful. I think I’ll make a mood board this weekend. Thanks Tiffany!

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