Summer 2018 Fabric and Pattern Haul

I have a love/hate relationship with commercial patterns, but it seems summer was more love than hate as I picked up 11 new patterns during Joann recent pattern sales. (Currently Vogue is on sale through 6/19 and McCalls thru 6/20) See which ones spoke to me and why in my latest video.

I also picked up three new fabrics…see why I don’t feel these count against my fabric fast!

What patterns and fabric have you grabbed for the summer?

3 responses to “Summer 2018 Fabric and Pattern Haul”

  1. I enjoyed your fabric/pattern haul. The patterns you picked are fresh looking summer styles. I would def enjoy making that caftan. This pattern offers many possibilities! LOVE your definition of a bikini body. Yeah!! I look forward to seeing the garments you create! Happy seewing!


  2. First time here and I enjoyed your video. I want to get back into sewing and will be back to read more. Enjoy your summer. . .


    1. Please get back to sewing, it’s such a great hobby! Thank you for visiting!


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