Summer 2018 To-Sew List

I usually do this as a video but I don’t have all my fabrics on hand yet, plus I wanted to show you the visual “sketch” of each project and that is easier to do here on the blog. I used the method I explained in this video to create my “sketches” electronically (I am not a good sketcher).

Let’s start with my fave, knit dresses


I love a wrap dress, real or faux, so for my July Fabric Mart Fabricista post I plan to sew not one but FOUR knit wrap dresses! I know ambitious, but knit dresses sew up pretty quick and I couldn’t choose just one of these ITYs.

Clockwise from Top Left: B&W Interlock (similar here), B&W Chevron, Abstract Multi (here), Blue Nautical


I grabbed two black and white geometric prints (one is more of a link and the other chevron), an abstract multicolor that reminds me of stained glass and a blue and white nautical flag print.

The match-up of patterns and prints may change but I know I want to sew two of my TNTs; M6884 and NL6301. (You can see previous versions here and here.) I also want to try Burda 6829 and Kwik Sew 4081. Both have been in my stash for a while but neither have even been cut. May the best wrap dress win! LOL



Next up, woven dresses


M7774 is on the list twice because it includes 4 views that fall into two silhouettes; the swing dress (that I’ve already sewn, here) and the fitted empire dress. The suggested cutting layout for View C begs for a direction print, such as stripes, so that you can see the changes in grain. I initially thought gingham, but didn’t love the one I ordered. So instead I purchased this geometric print lawn from TopStitch Studio and Lounge. The print is busy so this will definitely be a hit or miss. Though I’ve sewn M7745 already out of an amazing reversible double cloth it is on my list again for a flow-ier floral stretch satin. I had some fit issues for my first version so this might get bypassed. Miss Socialiate still loves twinning so I plan to sew a set of flutter sleeve dresses using S8544 & S8567 out of some gorgeous cobalt blue stretch crepe I have left over from another project. summer18-wovendresses2

Hopefully you’ve already read or seen my version of the Closet Case Fiona Sundress. I love this dress and am so happy I was selected to test it.  For my test version I sewed the open back above the knee version, but I think I also need the closed back longer version for more casual outing so I grabbed this leaf print “linen” (???…its 70%poly/30%rayon) from Joann to make another one. I’ve been wanting to sew the Jessica by SewSewDef (MimiG) ever since she released it as a free download but haven’t gotten around to it. I can’t decided was to use for it though, it’s so versatile that prints and solids would work as well as any fabric from shirting to ankara. I’m leaning towards a seersucker or maybe a gingham in a light summery color like yellow or baby blue. I don’t know. Last up is NL6510 which I will hack to create the mega maxi ankara print dress I’m sure you’ve seen in Facebook sewing groups or on Pinterest. I already have a 6 yard cut of ankara picked out for this.

The thing I never sew, but always need; tops


Mimi G made me buy NL6560 after I saw her white version I had to have it. Though I may sew it in white eventually, I picked up a olive-ish green chino from Joann for my first attempt. M7752 was a big hit this year and I had every intention of sewing it up during Pretty Girls Sew’s June Sewalong, but did not get to it. This pattern would be great in almost any fabric but I think I’m going to use some Angola print fabric I have in my stash. The last three tops are knit staples I’ve previously made; a bodysuit, a tee and a tank. You can see them here, here and here. No really plans on colors and prints just whatever I find in my stash.

Almost last, bottoms


I’m always short on pants because I don’t often sew pants and finding a pair that fits well can be tricky (also my weight fluctuates and I find dresses more forgiving). When I saw Mimi’s high-waisted jeans pattern, S8655, I thought those aren’t for me and my current mid section. However I liked so many of the crop tops (M7757, S5555 and more) that came out this year that I thought maybe high-waisted pants could be the answer for how I can get in on the trend without showing any belly. I currently have two pairs of the navy brushstrokes stretch twill version on my sewing table. “Why two?”, you ask. Well because I overestimated the stretch in my fabric (or rather underestimated my thighs) so the first pair is unwearable. I realized this after I had all but the zipper installed and waistband attached. My lucky sister will get that pair because I was so close to completing them. I really like the way they were turning out though so I headed back to Joann to get more of the fabric and ended up buy the gingham stretch twill as well. The gingham also comes in red (enabler alert:It’s currently just $5.99).

Last year I made a pair of green cropped linen pants using S8093. which I really love, but sadly they no longer fit. I love those pants, so instead of making the same pair i’m going to give S8558 a try. Both are Mimi G for Simplicity patterns so I’m hopeful I will love them as well. The elastic casing of S8558 should be more forgiving than the waistband of S8093. Last up is the flounce skirt, M7606. This should be a quick sew and will likely be a gingham print but may end up being a pretty floral depending on what I find in my stash.



I likely won’t get to these, as you can see my “wish-list” is rather long and I’ve already sewn a swimsuit here. If I make any it will likely be the Kwik Sew 3605 for Miss Socialite if I have enough scraps left over from my swimsuit so that we can have matching suits. I’ve had the lemon stripes poly lycra and leoopard swim nylon spandex since last year and really wanted to use this summer, but since it’s already June and I’d like to lose a good 20 pounds, so I may hold of until next year.

Whew! That’s a ton right?! It’s 24 patterns to be exact. Will I complete them all? Absolutely not! Still, I enjoy making a list and my lists are always ambitious. If I sew half of them I’ll be happy. I’ve already sewn 1 item on this list and a second is well underway. Thankfully summer like temps here in the southern US can go through last September. So I still have a couple of months before I shift my focus to fall. Plus several of this patterns can transition to fall with a light jacket and/or tights.

I plan to record my recap of my spring makes this weekend so look for that next week.

11 responses to “Summer 2018 To-Sew List”

  1. Just love your blog! I was recently in Atlanta and went to a Fabric warehouse ,can’t remember the name, in Norcross and found that same black and white print you’re using for a dress. Really nice. Can’t wait to see your garments. You inspire me, thanks and keep up the good work. Blessings! 💕


    1. Thank you! That was Fine Fabrics. I love that place! What are you making with your fabric?


  2. I am here for the Inspiration and you certainly dished it. I am looking forward to see your summer wardrobe and I love how you created the sketches. Enjoy your summer. . .


    1. Thank you. Enjoy yours as well!


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  5. Love love love love love love this post! Masking the fabric prints and colors within the line drawings – genius! I can’t wait to get home and using your “How to Create a Sewing Vision Board” video, get to planning. SO many ideas are flooding in now – collections here I come. THANK YOU AGAIN! I can’t wait to see your makes.


    1. This comment made me smile! I’m so excited that you’ll be trying this method!


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