Slim High-waisted Pants: Simplicity 8655


I don’t make many pants…unless you count jumpsuits LOL. Y’all know I prefer the ease of one pieces but recently I have decided that I need more separates in my wardrobe. Nine separates were included in my summer sewing plans and Simplicity 8655 actually made the list twice in two different prints. Mimi’s pants tend to fit me well, I’ve had success with S1019 (which is OOP) and S8093. She obviously designs her patterns with the curvy in mind as I never have to lengthen back crotch.


Before I started sewing I was unsure about this fabric/pattern pairing, but I had been eyeing this navy brushstrokes stretch twill and it was on sale so I decided to give it a try.  (*Enabler alert* this and other twills are still on sale for just $4.99/yd). I mention in the summer plans post that I was working on my second pair, because the first was too small (my error-I overestimated the amount of stretch). I realized this right before installing the zipper but I went ahead and finished them (they are going to go to my very lucky sister.) While sewing it I realized I really liked the fabric as pants, so much so that I rushed back to Joann to grab more. Fortunately it hadn’t sold out!


These pants are a simple sew, so I wasn’t to upset about having to remake them. The trickiest step is hiding the darts in the pintucks. Pintucks that don’t show because my fabric is so busy, but trust me they are there.

I graded from a 20 at the waist and hip to a 18 in the leg and removed an inch or so rom the hem. They look more tapered to me, if I truly wanted a skinny look I would go down to a 16 in the leg. I also think I’ll remove about 3/4″ from the front crotch next time. I’m a little concerned with the waist “growing” with wear so I’m considering adding elastic at the waist somehow? or maybe I’ll add belt loops? any other ideas?


If you couldn’t tell, I’m quite pleased with these, though I’m unsure how often I will wear them. High-waisted pants make me feel like I have to suck my tummy in all day, like I was in these photos. I’m tempted to hack these to make a mid-rise version, but I’m sure I could just use another pants pattern.

I love pockets!

Pattern: Simplicity 8655

Pattern Description:high-waisted pants with optional slim or bell bottom. Also includes a summer-ready tie front blouse.

Sizing: 6-14, 16-24 I sewed a 18 leg to 20 hip and waist

Difficulty: 2/easy

Fabric Used: Navy brushstrokes stretch twill from Joann

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very

Likes:  Easy pants pattern. high-waist is very on trend

Dislikes: None

Pattern alterations or any design changes made: None! Mimi’s pants patterns tend to fit me well.

Would I sew it again? Yes, I also bought this gingham stretch twill to make another pair.

Would I recommend it to others?  Yes

Conclusion: Cute, on-trend easy to sew high-waist pants.

17 responses to “Slim High-waisted Pants: Simplicity 8655”

  1. Nicely sewn. Do you have any sewing video tutorials? I know Mimi has her own so not for those patterns. Thanks.

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    1. Thanks Mo. I’ve only shot one for a bodysuit ( I was thinking of doing a swimsuit tutorial. Do you have one you’d like to see?


      1. Thanks for responding. Nothing in particular. I have Mimi’s swimsuit pattern and she is doing another swimsuit in her sewing academy. I just like to know there are tutorials(videos) out there whenever I get stuck on a pattern. Sometimes the instructions can be a little unclear. Thanks.

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      2. I’d love to see a pants video please 😊


      3. Ooh ok. Let me think of a good pattern


  2. Nice pants! Looks good on you!
    I am thinking of trying to make myself pants, I have never done that before!


    1. The hardest things about pants is the fit, skillwise the actual sewing isn’t difficult. I suggest starting with a wide leg pattern with a side zip because they are more forgiving and can be adjusted easier.

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      1. Oh, okay! Thank you for the tip 😀

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  3. Loving the pants on you! They look really good, the material and fit! I haven’t made pants in awhile, but that’s my next fall project! You keep inspiring me sis! Keep up the good work and thanks for your blog. Many blessings sent your way 🙏🏾❤️💐💕


    1. Thank you for the love!


  4. anitabydesign Avatar

    I like your pants, Tiffany, and I can see your pintucks a bit. The fabric is beautiful.


    1. Thanks Anita. I think I need to do a denim pair so the pintucks can really show.


  5. Your pants look wonderful!


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