TipStitched Tips: How I Catalog My Patterns

I think it’s safe to say that most (or at least many) sewists are pattern hoarders. Sure some sewists limit themselves to a few TNT patterns, create their own slopers as a base for anything they can dream up or simply freehand all of their creations, but many of us can’t resist the lure of new patterns. I’ll admit I’m in the last group (though these fall releases have been disappointing).

Hi, My name is Tiffany and I am a pattern hoarder!

I use Pinterest to keep track of my many patterns and I really think it’s the best way for several reasons.

  1. Pinterest is easily accessible from your phone when you’re on the go.
  2. Pinterest doesn’t require you take or save photos from your phone.
  3. Pinterest is easy to use! Just go to the pattern website and click the pin button (works for commercial and indie patterns, even free DIY posts or videos)

My favorite thing about Pinterest is that one click on a pin takes me right to webpage that I pinned (I try to pin from the pattern company page or Pattern Review) so I can quickly view the recommended fabrics and the yardage needed.


Pinterest it is a great online tool that lets you keep track of anything on the internet. It’s basically an electronic pin board of website bookmarks. You can save anything on the website like recipes, workouts, news articles, fabrics and PATTERNS.


I have several boards on different topics, but my main pattern boards are Patterns I Own and Patterns I Want. The patterns I own board prevents me from purchasing the same pattern twice because I can check it when I’m in Joann on my phone to quickly see if I already have a pattern in my collection.

Anytime I see a new pattern that I must have via an IG photo, blog post or pattern release I add it to my Patterns I Want board. This way the next time I stop in Joann I can just look at my phone for the patterns I need to grab instead of wasting time flipping through the books. And as soon as I purchase a pattern from my Want board I edit it to resave it to my OWN board. Easy breezy!


My Patterns I Own board grew so large that it was difficult to find a particular pattern so I started additional boards by type of pattern such as skirts, tops, dresses, and more. Thankfully Pinterest has since added the ability to create “subfolders” in a board so you can now just divide your “Owned Patterns” board into sub boards anyway you like.

Do you like this tip? Was it helpful? How do you keep track of your pattern stash?