Wrap Battle Wrap Up!

Wrap Battle
McCalls 6884 | Burda 6829 | New Look 6301 | McCalls 7504

In my Wrap Battle McCalls 6884, Burda 6829, New Look 6301 and McCalls 7504 went head to head. If I were to rank the entries it would be in this order:

  1. Burda 6829
  2. New Look  6301
  3. McCalls 6884
  4. McCalls 7504

Burda is the hands down winner though I do love NL6301 it is a real-faux wrap dress after.The Burda is also a quicker sew since it has less pieces.

The two McCalls patterns were close. 7504 allows for a better fit, but I hate lining while M6884 lacks fit, but it much simpler to sew. Though my issues with M7504 can be fixed if I were to rate them “striaght out the envelope” M6884 wins.

Here’s my likes and dislikes of each:

McCalls 6884


  • Minimal pieces
  • Sleeve & length options
  • Side tie positioning
McCalls 7504


  • Pleated sides
  • Tulip hem
  • Waist seam
  • Lining
New Look 6301


  • Pleated wrap bodice
  • Pleated skirt
  • Neck & arm bands finish
  • Skirt & sleeve options
  • Side tie placement
  • Elastic casing at waist (I omitted them)
Burda 6829


  • Tulip hem
  • Side gathers
  • Sleeve options
  • Minimal pattern pieces
  • Facings (I omitted them)
How would you rank the four dresses? Did you enjoy this “series”? What other categories should I compare?

13 responses to “Wrap Battle Wrap Up!”

  1. I loved this series! My favorite is the Burda, which is a bit annoying to me as I own the other three patterns! Ah well, another addition to my pattern stash!


  2. Oh wow! I just found myself reading all your “wrap battle” posts. They were pretty fun reads and the like/dislike table in this post was actually pretty helpful. Thank you!


  3. What a great idea! I have a suggestion to make this page more user friendly – captions on your photos and drawings, so we know which one is which when looking at the summary table.


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