Fall Patterns 2018 Release Review

I don’t have a new garment to bring you today so since the McCalls Fall patterns just released let’s discuss them as well as the other big 4 recent releases.Fall 18 buys

Above are the eight patterns I’m feeling out of all the patterns released by McCalls, Vogue, Butterick, Simplicity, New Look and Burda.

Let’s start with the McCalls because they were just released. I made my first coat last year (here) and I think I’m hooked so first up is McCalls 7848 which is a simple coat, but I really like it. I’m picturing this fitted coat over a sheath dress or a fitted top and skinny jeans. My first impression is I’ll sew View D but with the collar of B/C. View A would be great as well because I love a hood.

Typically I don’t love drop sleeves, they just don’t work for me no matter how much I wish they would. However McCalls 7839 made the cut simply because I still want to make a Beyonce Coachella-esque cropped sweatshirt and I think the drop sleeves would work better for the over-sized look than a raglan or set in sleeves. If I had to pay more than $1.99 for this I would pass. Sorry non-US sewists.

McCalls 7802 was an early fall release but it was the only one I grabbed (I believe). I really reminded me of Vogue 9311 which I could never find at Joann. That worked out for the best because I prefer the waistband and 6 panel skirt to the empire waist and center seam skirt.

Speaking of Vogue, I had to have Vogue 9327 and Vogue 1593! I just love the zipper of V1593, this dress is so my style. Sheath dresses used to be my favorite dress silhouette before I packed on these extra pounds, I’m still going to rock this though.

Though the white and black drawing for View B of V1593 caught my eye, it was the plaid drawing of V1593 that got me. I need some plaid fabric so I can make this dress. It isn’t exactly “me” but I love it. It may end up being a piece I make but never really wear as I don’t typically wear dresses with long sleeves, but I’m going to risk it.

Both of Mimi’s patterns for fall include pants, which is great for me because her pants fit me pretty much straight out of the envelope. So of course I’m grabbing both Simplicity 8749 and 8750. I need more pants so I’ll definitely be making the pants of S8749 and since I love a suit look I’ll be making the matching blazer for sure. I’ve been nervous about making a blazer so I’m hoping this oversized will be a good way to ease into them.

I never have enough tops, which in the summer isn’t a problem because I’ll just throw on a dress. This is actually a fix in the winter too, but I need to make more tops. The top in S8750 is more practical than the snap front pants to me, though I like them, and is the reason I want this pattern.

Last up is this mans button up shirt, Simplicity 8753. My hubby (have I given him a name here?) and I were shopping for button ups recently. He typically has trouble with fit because of his build, he has more of an athletic build but he’s not tall. So if it fits it’s probably too long in the sleeve and if the length is right it’s to tight in the chest. He-like I- has also put on some weight so he -like I- can’t just grabbed what used to work a couple of years ago. Thankfully he found some he liked that fit, which is amazing because he’s pretty picky! That didn’t stop him from complaining about the process and stating loudly while searching the racks “If only I knew someone who could make a shirt that would fit me. I took the not-so-subtle hint and grabbed this pattern to at least give making a mans shirt a try.

Fall 18 HM

These five patterns are my “maybes” or “honorable mentions”. They are interesting enough for me to consider, but not enough to purchase them right away.

First up is one I think most of you will love, McCalls 7834, which is truly lovely. It offers three necks, three sleeves and three skirts (the slit maxi is my fave) so the combinations are endless! I do like the dresses and could dream up several variations I just don’t know that I would wear any of them and I absolutely hate gathers. Still I know one of you will make this and share it, then I’ll love it and give it a try. LOL

McCalls 7833 is one I would definitely wear! I love side ruching on fitted knit dresses! This one is on the maybe list because I know I can draft it myself, much like I did this one. Still I may buy it on sales because it might be worth $1.99 not to draft it.

I already stated above that drop shoulders don’t really work for me and that is why McCalls 7840 is on this list. I’d like to give View B a try, but I can’t commit to trying it. View A might work but I prefer the sleeved views.

Vogue 1595 caught my eye, but since I had already grabbed two Vogue dress patterns I held off on this one, my least liked of the three. This is another one I’ll likely grab after someone else sews and blogs about it.

Last up is an unlikely pick, Butterick 6599. The top and dress (views B and C) speak to me because I love that color block yoke and shoulder look. I don’t know why but I’m always drawn to this feature on tops and dresses. I could attempt the long pants as well (View E), but they look too full for me and I love a wide leg.

What did you think of all the fall releases? Which are on your buy list? Any new indie patterns out you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.


3 responses to “Fall Patterns 2018 Release Review”

  1. I’m with you, I never have enough tops so I too am getting the S8750. I have been wanting to make a turtleneck and this pattern has that, plus v-necks which is my favorite kind of top and it has an interesting optional detail on the shoulder area. I also am planning to get S8735 which is a wrap dress in different lengths and slim and flare cuts, but most importantly it is made for different cup sizes — yay no FBA necessary! Since Joann’s in my area has Simplicity on sale for the next few days, I’ve got my list ready to go. Happy sewing!


    1. Yes. I love the shoulder detail. I thought about S8735, but I have so many wrap dress patterns already I had to pass.


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