What I’ve Sewn: 3rd Quarter 2018

I really love my quarterly recaps! I’m always just so darn proud of all I’ve made. This quarter (August, September, October) I made the time to sew up 18 garments. Six were for pattern tests, six were for¬† Fabric Mart’s Fabricista, which left six personal sewing projects.

It’s not surprising that 10 of the 18 are dresses. The other eight consist of three tops, two pairs of pants, two jumpsuits and a dress for Miss Socialite. Take a look at all of the looks below and yes I plan to record a recap video soon. After this I will start to do them monthly!


If you compare the list above with my Summer Plans post, you’ll notice I only completed eight out of the 21 items that I “planned”. I share this not because I feel bad or defeated that I didn’t complete the entire vision board of ideas, but because I want you to see that though I am a planner I allow myself the option to be creative and change. I still did a heck of a lot of sewing, 18 pieces in 12 weeks is more than one item a week (and this doesn’t include my custom order for others).

Many factors altered my original plan and that’s OK! Several pattern testing opportunities sprung up, like the Amy Jumpsuit and Alice T-shirt dress, that I simply couldn’t pass on. The BEEyonce inspired romper became a must make for the OTRII concert. And the kente split tunic was an impromptu sew inspired by the fact I found stretch kente fabric! I’m more than pleased with all the pieces that derailed me from finishing my original vision board.

What do you think?

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