Winter/Holiday 2018 Pattern Release

Winter is Coming! (sorry I miss GoT) Time to review the latest big 4 patterns. McCalls, Vogue and Simplicity have released their Winter/Holiday patterns for 2018. No release from Butterick yet, but they haven’t impressed me in a while so I feel safe doing my review now.


If I only buy one pattern this season it will be this asymmetrical shirtdress from McCall’s, M7863! It’s the perfect mashup of two of my favorite types of dresses, featuring the collar and button placket of a shirtdress and the crossover bodice of a wrap dress.

I love the pattern/color block concept of view C. I’m not sure I could successfully pull off three prints, but three solids would look nice as well. I can’t wait to play around with sketches for that one.

Check out some great poplins from


Winter pattern releases mean pajama patterns! PJs for me are frosting (see this post by Heather from Closet Case and this one from Kelli of True Bias on frosting vs. cake). They fall in the category of frosting for me because they are certainly not necessary, but handmade or fancy pjs feels special. I really love the all views of M7875 especially the bias tape or piping accents. The pattern suggests crepe, charmuese or cotton knit, but I could see this is in a brushed flannel, printed cotton or a satin. Joann has a nice selection of holiday flannel. I also like S8801 especially the romper, view C. These would be great twinning Christmas PJs for Miss Socialite and I. Find some great Christmas/holiday knit over at So Sew English.


I have really been feeling bodysuits the last few seasons and since my weight has been going up instead of down… blouse-y ones that hide my tummy are my preference. So S8789 is a definite buy for me (also see the Ferri Bodysuit). I prefer the wrap bodice to the V neck, but I could see making either. Including four sleeve options is a bonus!

V9350 only makes the list if it is in fact a true wrap and not a pullover with a wrap bodice. I’ll have to find the pattern in store and look at the directions to know for sure. Unless one of you already has it and can let me know. Truthfully I may grab it either way, but I don’t “need” it if it isn’t a real wrap. It would be cute in a stretch velvet from LA Finch Fabrics.

Up next are the hmms…


  • M7873 only makes the list because of the joggers that remind me of OOP V8909 . I actually hate the sweater I just don’t get a cold shoulder sweatshirt. If McCalls goes on sale for 99cents and I happen to be at Joann, I’ll grab it.
  • I’ve already seen that the sewing community is excited about this one. I like it but it’s not a must have, the Closet Case Amy jumpsuit that I tested is close to the silhouette of View C which is my favorite. The Amy jumpsuit is also bra friendly and M7864 is not with it’s halter back.
  • S8787 appeals to me as I love ruching especially at the the tummy, but McCalls has already done this and better with M7833 this fall. Thanks to @thatssewmonica selecting it for the #sewyourview project October you can several version on Instagram.
  • A while back a sleeveless baggy jumpsuit went viral in the DIY sewing community and that jumpsuit was very similar to S8788 extended to include pants. If you were one of those people who wanted that look this would be a good place to start. I didn’t love the original jumpsuit, but I’m tempted to buy this just to do a tutorial.
  • I liked several Vogues in this release that I just don’t need. First is V9343 which features a plunging V neck and a full swing skirt. The pattern calls for satin or challis but I could see it in velvet. Though it would make a great holiday party dress I really don’t need it.
  • This formal two piece set is gorgeous! I just love the embellished sleeve and the trumpet skirt of V1605. ALAS! I have no where to wear something this dramatic.
  • V1600 is cute, but the satin trim is what really makes it stand out. Leather trim would be great too! But regardless of the trim material, I can’t see myself attaching 9 yards of it.
  • V9351 is a wardrobe pattern which I like because I feel like I get a ton of bang for my buck. However in this pattern I only really like the jumpsuit (which I need no more of) and the dress (which I also need no more of)

I was going to end with a NAY section, but I’m not. Sorry, not sorry

Which were your favorites? Are you or have you purchased some of the new patterns?

Do you attend formal events either during the holidays or throughout the year?

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One response to “Winter/Holiday 2018 Pattern Release”

  1. I love your Yays lol. M7864 in hmms. Is hot. I just finished dreaming over some stretched velvet @ Fabric wholesale direct. I’d love to try to make that.


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