A (Late) Look Back at 2018

Considering it’s the 10th of January I’m a little late in recapping my 2018, but I want to take this stroll down memory lane anyway.  By my count I created and blogged about 58 garments in 2018! Not to shabby, if I do say so myself. And that number doesn’t include orders, gifts for family and projects that just didn’t make the blog for whatever reason. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 20 dresses (y’all know they’re my favorite)
  • 10 tops
  • 8 jumpsuits/rompers
  • 7 kids pieces
  • 5 jackets/coats
  • 5 pants
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 swimsuit and cover up


Additionally, I shared 97 blog posts here on TipStitched.com! Woohoo! What do you think the top posts were??? Surprisingly three of the top five were pattern release reviews. It seems everyone likes to dish about the latest patterns. I’ll be sure to do more of those for 2019. Here are the top five viewed posts:

  1. Floral Denim V-Back Dress: Closet Case Fiona
  2. 2018 Spring Patterns Review
  3. Simplicity Spring 2018 Release
  4. Reversible Wrap Dress – McCalls 7745
  5. Fall Patterns 2018 Release Review



My Instagram Top Nine of 2018
  1. Kente Split Tee
  2. A repost of a tag by @candiceayala who wanted to find and discover all the people of color who sew.
  3. A twinning look Floral Denim V-Back Dress: Closet Case Fiona and Twinning: ModKid Sage
  4. Polka Dot Fun: McCall 7046
  5. Staple Wrap Top: New Look 6560
  6. Go Bold Striped Duster Fabricista Post
  7. The Mimi Dress Redux
  8. Jumpsuit Turned Dress: McCalls 7632 & 6955
  9. Navy Leaf Outfit: McCalls 7757

While I love those eight makes I’ve only worn two of them other than to take photos. LOL Sad I know. It may be a sign that I don’t sew for my lifestyle, but maybe I think there’s a little more to it than that.

In my defense, I have worn both the Beyonce dress (7) and the kente split tee (1).  Though I love both the Fiona dress (3) and polka dot dress (4) I haven’t had the right occasion to wear either (which is actually weird because I don’t believe in being overdressed). Sadly the bold stripe duster (6) was really supposed to be a shirt dress, but it was too small so I never wore it. Both the jumpsuit turned dress and army green wrap shirt were simply made too late in the season to get any wear, but will certainly be in rotation as soon as spring hits. Lastly, despite what I said in the post I was just never bold enough to wear the crop top out. I would pulled it out to wear one or two times and found myself just putting it back. I’m going to wear it somewhere this year!

Though I love all the looks above I have to add some of my favorites that didn’t make the top nine. In no particular order, here are 10 more garments I believe deserve a second look.


  1. This dress might be my most worn piece of the year. I copied this dress for a RTW dress given to me by my mother. Read all about how I recreated it here
  2. Probably tied for most worn piece is this houndstooth cardigan (M7262) is a favorite. This should be no surprise as I love houndstooth and this classic print goes with everything.
  3. I love the play on grain of M7774. I knew I wanted a striped fabric to show of this feature and this geometric striped pattern turned out to be the perfect fabric for this pattern.
  4. The color of my latest wool coat (B6385) is what makes it stand out to me. Well… that and the fact it was my last sew of 2018. I’m always proud of my coats.
  5. How could I not include my first ever suit?! I couldn’t because I’m so proud of it and the fabric is amazing. Thanks to MimiG for a great pattern (S8749).
  6. My first pattern test for Designer Stitch was a success! I’m so glad that my original plans for the Eden jumpsuit failed horribly and that my save was a winner.
  7. Burda won my wrap battle and a spot on my top ten list.
  8. A little white dress is a must for summer! This one was based off a RTW dress I saw Mimi G share on Instagram. I could have ordered it, but why when I can make it!
  9. M7755 is a super simple romper/jumpsuit that became one of my faves. It’s a perfect all in one look on a hot summer day or pair with a jacket for cooler weather. I liked it so much I made it twice.
  10. Last but not least another jumpsuit (I was really feeling them), the Amy jumpsuit is had one up on M7755 and that was it was designed to cover bra straps! I see more of these in my future.

Whelp, that’s it! I could’ve added two more and made a top 12, but top 10 has a better ring to it.

Any thoughts on my recap? What were your favorite makes of 2018? Which patterns were added to your TNT list? Let me know in the comments!

3 responses to “A (Late) Look Back at 2018”

  1. Awesome walk down memory lane! Quite a year with all those makes! I have to say I love your little white summer dress! You made it your style and it looks fabulous on you! Happy 2019! ❤


  2. […] I stated in my 2018 recap post some of my most viewed post are these pattern release reviews. So here goes the first one for […]


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