2019 Early Spring Pattern Release Thoughts

As I stated in my 2018 recap post some of my most viewed post are these pattern release reviews. So here goes the first one for 2019!

Both McCalls and Simplicity had an early spring release. Let’s start with Simplicity!



So here are the four patterns I am buying during the next sale. Although I shy away from sewing them I do love a shirt dress and I’m still on the hunt for a go to pattern for one. I love S8830 from Mimi G with it’s relaxed fit, epaulets, sash belt and two length options. I do wish there was a traditional collar option, though I like the mandarin collar.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen knit overalls and it does seem a bit odd, but I am intrigued by S8855. Y’all know I love knits so I have to try this. They just seem like they’d be so cozy, like wearing your onesie pj’s out, but still being fashionable. I’m leaning more the slim flare pant option, though I would lengthen it, but the jogger hem cuff view is definitely a different take. I’m thinking a ponte or a stretch velvet would be great for these.

I’m really feeling the simplistic, geometric shape of  S8848. I love the way they use a contrasting tie on view A. This pattern is screaming to be made of one of Fabric Mart Designer Linens. The question is which of the 23 colors should I chose?

Last but not least is Mimi (and Norris)’s jean jacket S8845 made my list. A denim jacket is a staple piece for me because they are so great for layering in the spring and fall. I’ve had the notion to make my own, but much like my inkling to make my own jeans, the feeling is often ignored. Eventually I will knock both off my list.



Both S8836 and S8844 fall in the category of cute but aren’t different enough from patterns I already own to purchase. I have a handful of basic sheath dress (most never sewn) and it would be difficult to add a shoulder ruffle or some color blocking. Same for the blazer I have 4-5 blazer patterns and I’ve only sew 3. If I didn’t have any I would certainly grab this one.

I actually really love S8849, but only views C & D. The issue is those views are almost identical to Closet Case’s Fiona dress, which I already own and have made, here ! They don’t have a skirt “view” but you could easily create just the skirt by drafting a waistband.

The sleeves of the dress view of S8847 reminds me Tuck sleeve top by Trend Patterns which I spotted a few years back on Erica Bunker‘s blog (see her version here). They definitely make a statement. I would consider this one, but it’s probably going to take reading someone else’s review to make me grab this one.

Miss Socialite still likes to match and I plan on milking it for as long as she’ll let me. S8856 could’ve been a great pattern for a matching look, but unfortunately she has outgrown kids patterns. If she could I would probably grab this one.

S8850 is another one I would purchase if I had a toddler to sew for, but I don’t. View C is just too adorable.

I’m usually a HUGE fan of McCalls patterns, but this release was lackluster. I only have meh’s.


Y’all know I love a wrap dress so I am tempted by M7892. I especially love that they included two top views with the two dress views. Still I’d have to take a look in the envelope at the actual pattern pieces and construction before committing to it.

M7893 is another wrap dress that I considered for a moment but decided against as I have plenty of knit wrap dress patterns (I sewed 4 just last year-here). I do like the asymmetrical hem and may incorporate in a pattern I already have like M6884.

Jumpsuits don’t make up nearly as much of my patterns collection as dresses, but I still have too many. And for that reason I’m going to pass on M7910 and M7909. It’s easier to dismiss M7910 because I’m trying to stick to more practical patterns this year and I’m not sure where I would wear the plunging neckline. I could make an argument for the one shoulder bodice, but I already have M7632 which is similar. I do love that this is a knit jumpsuit though. It’s harder for me to pass on M7909 because, though it has a deep V neck, I feel it is more wearable. I will resist buying this pattern until I have an actual project in mind for it or a purge older jumpsuit patterns.

I really want to make a couple of shirtdresses this year and M7889 could be one, but the waist pleats make it less desirable to me. I’m sure that someone will make it and then I’ll love it, but until then I am going to pass.

Lastly, I see the potential of colorblocking the skirt of M7894 and the bodice is nice but it doesn’t stand out enough to make it a purchase.

So that’s it! Were you impressed by these releases? Which ones have you purchased or plan to purchase?


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  1. I really like your Simplicity picks! Have fun! ❤

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