2019 Burda and Vogue Spring Thoughts

Both Vogue and Burda have released their spring patterns and I’m sharing my thoughts again. First up Burda!


As usual let’s start with what I like. There’s something about the double breasted trench dress view of 6321 that appeals to me. This style dress is a hot trend right now, thanks in part to Megan Markle, but really this classic piece never goes out of style. It also something I grew up seeing my mother wear.  I’m not 100% sure I’d make it but it would be a good pattern to have in the stash.

I rarely make blouses, especially a traditional button-up blouse, but I love the view A of 6327 on the envelope model. It’s probably the black and white tuxedo look that is drawing me in. The concealed button band and the sleeve ribbon are nice touches that make this more than a basic button-up. I do love the fact that the pattern suggests a viscose-rayon or crepe fabric as well as shirting.

I’m not sure if Miss Socialite will like 9325 or not, but I like it. Last summer she informed me that she is “over” dresses and prefers jumpsuits. This revelations has me looking for more girls jumpsuit patterns. Feel free to share any you know of in the comments below.

Burda 6342 is a simple pleated skirt, but it’s a classic like 6321. Honestly I’m pretty sure I have a similar pattern by Simplicity, but I’ll need to check my stash. If not I’ll grab this one. This pattern is another example of how the right pattern envelope can get you, because I’m pretty sure it was the stripes that first caught my attention.


Both 6344 and 6315 receive an honorable mention. It’s a fact that I love wrap dresses, but that love has made me a wrap dress pattern hoarder. I can’t imagine adding another wrap dress to my collection, no matter how much I like it. I won’t be buying 6315 not because I have too many hoodie patterns (though I do have a few), but rather because I could hack a hoodie pattern to get the same result.

As much as I typically LOVE Vogue, there are only two patterns I have to have from this release.

I absolutely LOVE V9357!!! More than one of these will be sewn this spring/summer. I can see various views of the dress in stripes, plaids and ginghams as illustrated in view A, B and E. This would also be gorgeous in a denim chambray or colorblocked cottons. The options are truly endless with this one.

Another look sparked by Megan Markle V9355 adds interest to a sheath dress with it’s off-the-shoulder neckline and skirt drape. The neckline is really what makes this dress.


As soon as I saw V9360 I thought of Mimi G’s Katie shirtdress. I used it to make this red version (here) that looks almost identical to view B. If you live in an area that lacks pattern sales, you should look into the Katie shirtdress.


While V9363 and Megan Nielson’s Floreat dress aren’t as similar, but they are too close for me to justify both. I recently purchased the Floreat pattern and the loose fit, drapey flow and asymmetrical hem. It also comes with a knit option!

Whelp that’s it! Have you seen the new collections? If not, see them here and here. What was your take on these new releases? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll be back with more thoughts once the Butterick, McCalls and Simplicity Spring patterns hit.

3 responses to “2019 Burda and Vogue Spring Thoughts”

  1. Wow! Piecing together all those stripes in the Vogue pattern must be challenging and fun! You’ve got some nice choices there.

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    1. I’m sure I will regret it as soon at I cut out out but I must have it!

      Liked by 1 person

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