Tip’s Thoughts: Butterick Spring Patterns

This is going to be a quick one y’all. I have been pretty disappointed in Butterick’s offerings lately, but there are a few in this new spring release I would consider. Though there still aren’t any real MUST haves.


I really like criss-cross lattice back of B6661. Sadly it’s the only feature I like. The front is too……. something for me (modest maybe) and I hate gathering fabric. I may give it a try, but I’ll likely let someone else try this one first. I think Erica B would kill it. I could see it in a great linen.


Unless you’re new here, you know I hate buttonholes, but these are mock buttons. YAY! That feature makes B6655 a possible (even though it still means hand sewing on 11 buttons).

I don’t make many tea or midi length dresses so View C would be nice to add to my wardrobe. It helps that I could wear this dress to work as well.

If I do make one I’m almost certain it would be in one of Fabric Mart’s designer linens.


I’m always in need of more tops, so I want to like B6663. I think I do, but my love of stripes may be clouding my judgement here. The slim fit, optional V neck are appealing, but I would only ever sew the sleeveless option. The fact that View A only takes 1-1/2yds of 60″ fabric really appeals to me.

B6664 is another top I want to consider. View B reminds me of M7573 but I prefer the sleeveless option here. I wouldn’t rule View B out though. View D is a No and View C is iffy.

The issue here is the whether I the ruffles will hide the tummy or add pounds! What do you think?

I could see it in crepe or a challis.

The thought of all the narrow hemming for these ruffles second guess this as I type.


Honorable mention goes to B6654 because I love Mommy n Me looks. Sadly Miss Socialite has outgrown the kids sizing that always accompanies these patterns.

All the others were lackluster to me. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below.


What do you think?

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