Tip’s Thoughts: Spring Patterns from Simplicity

Finally, Simplicity’s Spring patterns have posted! I’m not sure what took so long because Mimi G and Gertie have been teasing their new patterns for weeks.

Speaking of Gertie, she has moved over from Butterick to Simplicity. I have no idea why the change occurred since both companies are now under the same umbrella. Nevertheless her first Simplicity pattern, S8873. is too cute. I like the tie straps and overall simplicity of the dress. It looks like a straightforward sew, especially view A – which is the one I would sew to avoid all that gathering.


I really like both of Mimi’s Spring patterns. The criss-cross low back of S8890 is a look I feel several sewists self drafted last season. So I’m glad Mimi has brought this to the masses for those who can’t (or are too lazy) to draft their own.  The crop trench jacket is very trendy and great for spring. You can see Erica Bunker’s version on her IG page now and I’m sure it will be on her blog soon.

Several sewists are going crazy for the cropped cargo pants included in S8889 and I can see why. First of all I could copy the envelope version down to the buttons because it is perfection. Secondly who doesn’t love all the details of the pockets, cuffs and button fly. My only issue with this pattern is a personal one. As a person who carries her weight in the middle I’m not sure I can pull off this inverted pleated front, so I may stick with her S8093 cropped pant. Still I’m excited to see other peoples version of these pants. Now lets talk about that top, I love the high low hem, but honestly it reminds me of view A of the Kallie Shirtdress, though I do prefer the set in sleeve here.

Though I’m not blown away by S8888 and I don’t consider any of the “hacks” all that different from the main view, I do think this could be a cute, comfy spring dress. Gathers at the sides only is probably the right amount for me. This one sort of  makes me think S8466 in dress form due to the flat center panel flocked on either side by gathers. This dress would be fun to color or pattern block or play with grain.


Both S8874 and S8877 are nice patterns but anyone who has been sewing for any amount of time probably already has a similar pattern.  The former is a great basic knit dress, with a waist seam and a few sleeve and hem length options. It’s just fairly close to M7561 or B6614. It is a great buy if you don’t have a cute knit dress pattern. Simplicity has been bring back quite a few vintage patterns and S8877 is one of their latest. Aside from the fact that I prefer a belt in a caftan, they’ve already released similar retro patterns like S8505 from last year.



springhonorable‘These last three are all honorable mentions. S8899 because we rarely see men’s patterns, especially something that is not a button shirt or PJs. So I think this is great, not a pattern I’d sew, but I’m glad its there. S8875 is cute but I could hack a few patterns in my stash to create it and it’s not really my style. I could definitely see it for someone else. Lastly S8870 is a lovely evening gown I just have no where to wear a gown like this, but if you did it’s gorgeous.





2 responses to “Tip’s Thoughts: Spring Patterns from Simplicity”

  1. Great review! I noticed the Mimi G’s cropped cargo pants myself and said the same thing to myself!!! Inverted pleats- not happening on THIS body! But cute, cute, cute!


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