Tip’s Thoughts: McCall’s Spring Patterns

So first of all I have no idea how long these patterns have been out because McCall’s homepage still shows Early Spring as the newest patterns and these are definitely a new bunch. Regardless of when they released I’m going to review them so let’s jump in.

First up as usual my likes:


M7917 is adorable because I still like to rock twinning looks with Miss Socialite and this is a girls version of M7755. I love M7755 (see here and here) and she loves jumpsuits so this is a definite make.

Even though M7920 is very cute, but I have too many shirt/button front dresses that I’ve yet to sew so I’m going to pass on this one. I do like that it offers skirt options (2 lengths and 2 fits) and the dolman style sleeve.

I think 7922 is my favorite of the bunch. I love a dolman sleeve and I think the twist adds interest. I’ve heard/read that this waistline twist on other patterns like M7429 have been tricky for some, but it’s about time I’ve tackled this feature. I love all the views, but I could see myself making C and D.

I don’t want to like 7936 and I’m not sure why. Is there another pattern that looks like this already? I feel like their is but can’t find it. Either way I like this pattern, it looks easy, quick and comfortable…ALL winners in my book. I can definitely see this in a linen

I would’ve totally rocked 7937 view A or B with D about 6-7 years ago. LOL Though I am working on being body positive and loving myself while working on myself, I can’t see wearing this at my current size. I’m not knocking anyone at any size who chooses to love this though! Do your thang! Maybe next spring.

Next boring repeats:


I’m not going to spend a ton of time on these. 7925 looks too much like M7242 for my liking. Honestly the line drawings aren’t that similar but as soon as I saw the new release I thought of this one. The button down tiered skirt overall dynamic makes them to similar in my eyes

I’m actually sad that 7926 didn’t release before 7683 because I purchased 7683, sewed it and hated it. The flounce did flounce for me, it more or less just hung there. I prefer the more band look of the “shawl” here. Also I prefer skirt variations in the newer release (especially skirt 5) as well as the more modern neckline of bodice 4. There are enough differences to warrant adding this to the collection, especially because I plan to give away the older pattern if I haven’t already.

The open back and skirt flounce of 7928 reminds me of a scaled back version of V1545. Maybe my slight aversion to lace turned me again this pattern, but I don’t love it.

I bet out of the basic pieces (dress, skirts, pants and tops) I have the least amount of top patterns. I’m not usually wowed by tops (RTW or DIY), but M7930 looks like several other tops to me, take M7325 for instance.

Why even bother:


I can’t believe McCall’s released 7931 especially because it’s not a part of their Learn to Sew line. This is such a simple skirt I’m sure that I’m sure it’s been released several times by all the pattern makers. It’s a nice basic skirt though.






While nothing is wrong with the overall pattern, what is up with this extra large back pocket? The placement is off too. I actually like view B and D, but I doubt I would sew these. Now watch someone whip out a pair of these that I love.


Head to McCalls site, here, to see all the patterns. Then let me know which ones are your favorites and which do you plan to buy?



5 responses to “Tip’s Thoughts: McCall’s Spring Patterns”

  1. I liked 7920 out of all of them at first glance. But, now that I’m looking closer, I also like 7936. But, honestly, I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t acquire either. In fact, it might be kind of relief not to add to the stash, and not too feel like I’m missing out.


    1. True. I welcome this feeling of not having to have ALL the patterns!


  2. Kind of a “meh” collection for spring. I agree that dolman-sleeve twist dress is the most interesting of the bunch,


  3. The pattern that I plan to buy is 7936, the jumpsuit. It’s something about it that I like. I can see this one in linen or a lightweight denim.


    1. I don’t know what it is about that one, but I like it. I was thinking a light linen or chambray.


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