Tip’s Thoughts: Vogue Summer 2019 Release

Alright I’m back again with summer patterns, this time from Vogue. Let’s jump right in!

First up, the good!


I will never understand why pattern companies pick some of the fabrics they do for their samples. I could have easily passed on V1626 as the details are lost in the textured white fabric. However when I glanced at the line drawing I noticed the curved sides and the piping detail which made me consider this dress pattern. I think it could be fun to play with the grain on the side panels and the piping detail.

Quite often I am trying to extend shirt patterns to make dresses, but V9370 may be the first time I prefer the shirt to the dress view. I wasn’t sure what made the dress view frumpy, but it looks like a maternity dress to me. A fellow sewist I meet at this weeks Sip n Sew (hosted by Topstitch Studio) said the cut of the dress is just universally unappealing. That said, there’s something about the shirt I like. It could be the stripes they used for the illustration or it might be how they paired it with high waisted pants, I’m unsure.

Just like V9370, V9372 has potential. Sparklep_nc, who was also at this weeks Sip n Sew, stated that this is more of a runway look than a practical look and I think she’s correct. I could also see it shortened quite a bit. View A is tea length, but an even shorter view where the peplum starts mid thigh would be cute and flirty. At the right event in the right fabrics, I think this could be a whole look.

Last up is V9373. Honestly I really like this dress, the high collar, the princess seams, the flared hem. This is one that actually looks better on the model than the illustrations. My only issue with it is I feel I already have this pattern or at least one very similar to it.

Next up, meh!


I do love a simple, light flirty dress, but I just don’t love V1623. The shoulder detail is nice and drape of the skirt is great. It just doesn’t do enough to make me want to buy it even for $5.99 on sale. I don’t get the strap across the back? The back doesn’t seem deep enough to need it is bra coverage.

The fabric piecing of V9369 makes me want to like it, but sadly I don’t. It’s no secret that I love color blocking, but I just can’t see that for this dress. And without the option to color block I’m not sure why I need all these pieces. Yes I know this will create some bias drape, but it hardly seems worth the effort to cut out and keep track of all those pieces. I’d love to be proven wrong.

Shirtdresses are a fave of mine and because of that I can’t justify adding another pattern for one to my stash. Perhaps if you are new to sewing or have just advanced to an intermediate sewist level you may be lacking a shirtdress pattern. If that is the case, then V9371 a solid buy, but just adding the option to colorblock isn’t enough incentive for me to grab this one. I do like the loose fit with the tie belt.

Next….Why? Just why?

?????????????????????????????????? That’s all I’ve got.
V1630 Does this top not look weird?
V1622 Again Why with the fabric choices?
Have you taken a look at Vogue’s latest patterns? If so, which ones are you grabbing, if any? If not, click here to see the entire collection.

3 responses to “Tip’s Thoughts: Vogue Summer 2019 Release”

  1. V9373 is the ONLY pattern I saw that would be a potential buy from this collection, but like you stated, I am sure I have one very similar to this one.

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    1. I think I’ve been sewing too long. Most things look like repeats now. I guess it’s true… there’s nothing new under the sun.

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