Atlanta Sewing Style: Spring Photoshoot

A few months back Nikki (@sewingmystyle) shared with me her great idea of arranging a photo shoot to highlight sewists in the Atlanta area. Of course I loved it because I am all about connecting sewists and adding newbies to the sewing community.

Atlanta Sewing Style: Rock Your Style (left to right Standing: CreativelyUCT, StyleByIntuition, SeamsandMelodies, Me, SewFonda, FierceAD, SewFilled, CKFcreate, Lejanaro, MochaMix56           Sitting: ElizabethNugent, SewingMyStyle, Bernie.Wiley)


I was amazed by the turnout, sewists of all ages and experience levels. We had a BLAST! So much sisterhood, encouragement and support. I think I speak for all of us when I say that it is always great to get together with others who share the same passion.

Atlanta Sewing Style: Spring Florals (left to right Top Row: SeamsandMelodies, Me, Lejanaro, StyleByIntuition, ElizabethNugent, SewingMyStyle, FierceAD,  SewFonda, Bottom Row:  CKFcreate, Bernie.Wiley, SewFilled, SparkleP_NC, CreativelyUCT, ShamicaWest, MochaMix56 .

The theme for our inaugural shoot was Spring Florals and Rock Your Style. Ponce City Market and the Beltline served as the backdrop for the shoot. Thanks to Shawn Dowdell for these amazing photos. And a big shout out to Leigh, of Topstitch Studio and Lounge, who was generous enough to provide a home base for us during the shoot.


For Spring Florals I pulled out this coral floral dress I made at the end of last fall and never got to wear out. Click here for all the deets on the pattern hack I used to create it. I believe it was Shamica who pointed out that wrap dresses are sort of my thing when I was trying to decided on what best captured my personal style, so I went with that. This is Burda 6829, which I have declared by favorite knit wrap dress (read here). I’ll share more on this dress in a separate post.

Nikki plans to do this on a regular basis and would love for this to grow to include even more diversity, so if you are in the Atlanta area and want to be included next time follow and DM @atlantasewingstyle to get the deets on the next shoot.

Spring Florals


Rock Your Style


In Between Shoots


3 responses to “Atlanta Sewing Style: Spring Photoshoot”

  1. Such a great idea! Everyone is looking fabulous and I love seeing so many floral dresses.


  2. […] to be rocking your style, it made sense to remake this pattern. (See more photos for the shoot here and […]


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