Definition of a Sewist

My (sorta) new Cricut Maker has me customizing mugs, water bottles, gifts, storage and more, but I think tees are my favorite! I originally made this tee for myself for two reasons.


1) I call myself a sewist. I know some don’t like the term and say it’s not even a real word. Seamstress sounds like someone who sews for a living. Tailor evokes the thought of menswear to me. Sewer always reads sewer (as in sewage) to me. So sewist just seems right. 

2) Considering sewist is a made up word there really isn’t a definition so I decided to define it myself.

Then others loved it, so I’m offering printed version through my Etsy store! So go ahead. Proclaim your selfish sewist status with a ladies tee, unisex tee and a mug. Order NOW!


I’ll be back soon with more posts with Cricut tutorials and inspiration! If you haven’t already grab a Cricut machine here. Or be sure to add it to your Mother’s Day wish list.