Rock Your Style: Burda 6829

Y’all know I love a wrap dress – faux/true, knit/woven doesn’t matter. If you remember my Wrap Battle last year, you know that Burda 6829 came out as the winner. So when Nikki (@SewingMyStyle) said one of the looks for Atlanta Sewing Style‘s photo shoot was going to be rocking your style, it made sense to remake this pattern. (See more photos for the shoot here and here)


I used a black and white herringbone print ITY from my stash from my fave local store Fine Fabrics. Anything black and white print totally my style so this fabric was perfect. Any knit with generous stretch would work well like a double brushed poly or liverpool.  Ponte or stretch velvet would also work though you may need to size up.


The dress comes together quickly, even more so because I eliminate the facings. I hate knit facings (don’t love them in wovens either) and instead finished the neckline as well as the hem with my coverstitch. I actually made this dress the night before the shoot! I’m such a procrastinator.


See my pattern review here.

What’s your style? What pattern best captures “you”?

3 responses to “Rock Your Style: Burda 6829”

  1. Facings in knits are the worst, they either have to be interfaced and feel like a stiff neck, or they just keep curling up. I also love using a bias neckband cut from the same fabric instead.


    1. Agreed. Bias is a better alternative.

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