Cricut made me do it!

I shared at the beginning of the year that I treated myself to a Cricut Maker for Christmas. Well I haven’t shared much that I’ve made/personalized with it here, but believe me I love this thing. It really comes in handy for things for a variety of things like personalizing party favors for a teen’s birthday

Some of you may have seen my IG story where I was discussing Miss Socialite‘s birthday party. She originally asked for what she described as a game/pool party with a float bar. After a few follow up questions I figured out that she wanted 5-6 girlfriends to come over to play games and then she wanted them to all to go to the pool and somewhere in there she wanted have a make your own float station. She assured me that all of this would be cheap because she only needed a few more games (she assured me they were on sale at target) and soda and ice cream. This girl is mess. In the end her father and I told her she could have a sleepover (she later says this is what she really wanted) as it was the only way to have a game night and a pool party. Duh?!

Each girl received a bucket with their name in holographic vinyl.

I got a tad carried away and ended up making each girl a gift basket, because I’m that (step)mom. It all started when I saw Joann was having a 5 for $10 sale on Gilden tees and decided to make them all tees with the help of my cricut that they could sleep in or wear down to the pool. Then I stopped by Dollar Tree to grab a few trinkets and ended up grabbing the sunnies and flip flops for the pool in case anyone forgot to bring theirs. The leis just seemed like something you should have for a pool party, plus they were 3/$1. The clear cosmetic bags and they unicorn backpack clip got me at the checkout line. As I was walking out of the store I passed these buckets that I somehow missed on the way in and figured they’d be great to hold everything I just bought.

Miss Socialite LOVES tacos. Siser glitter iron-on vinyl.

When I originally purchased the shirts I thought I would add some cute unicorn saying like “be a unicorn in a field of horses” or “be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn“, but when I asked Miss Socialite what they should say they had other plans. She decided that each girl should get a shirt that suits them. SIGH that’s what I get for asking right? LOL

Sadly I forgot to snap pics of all the shirts, but she loves tacos so her’s was fitting. One friend was a Hamilton fan so her’s read “It’s a Hamilton thing. You wouldn’t understand.” Two girls love Chick-Fil-A so one got a ” I’m just a kid who loves Chick-Fil-A”, the one stated “This girl runs on Chick-Fil-A”. And her best friend got a quote that she created. They were all thrilled and I loved that my Cricut allowed me to create these for them.

unicorn makeup bag

Miss Socialite is obsessed with all things unicorn so I added this unicorn this unicorn crown with their name (blurred here) and clipped the unicorn head to it. Thanks to Cayula Design for the svg file!

Would you like to see more of my cricut makes? So far I’ve done iron-on vinyl on tee’s and bags, vinyl on mugs, tumblers, drawers and more AND I just tried the new infusible ink.



3 responses to “Cricut made me do it!”

  1. Come Through MoM – you’re the MVP (Most Valuable Person) for your daughter. You knocked this one out of the park!


    1. Thank you. She loved it and they all had fun!


  2. This is just darling! I would like a holographic taco shirt myself xD

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