Tips Thoughts: Vogue Fall 2019

Let’s jump right in!

I’ve been wanting to make a raincoat for a while now and I think V1460 would be perfect for one. This thing is a bit of a fabric haul requiring between 4-3/8 to 4-7/8 yards of outer fabric, plus 3-1/8 – 4 yards of lining, but I think it will be worth it. Now if I just knew wear to get the proper rain resistant fabric.

I think the asymmetrical hem of Vogue 1649 is amazing! What a great way to spice up a trench coat. Sadly I’m not sure that this is a look I really need, but I do like it. However I do wish a straight hem view was included to make this a more practical purchase, though I’m sure I could just make that mod myself.

I’m a sucker for piping and a jumpsuit so there’s no wonder that I really like V1647. I have plenty of jumpsuits so I’m going to try to resist grabbing this one, but I can’t wait for someone else to sew it up!


Here’s another jumpsuit, but I think I need this one. V1645 is similar to M793, but of course vogue takes it up a notch in my opinion. Now I must return my McCalls version in favor of the Vogue, which is fine because I was never going to make any of the dress views anyway.

My main complaint for several Vogue patterns is that they often have just one view despite being priced higher than the other Big 4 patterns, but V1643 includes four views, with three being totally different. I love the longer jacket and the dress and I could see myself trying the skirt as well. These are all such classic pieces. I literally just want the brown jacket the model is wearing.

I like this blouse but I’m sure sure I would ever make it. This blouse in a white crepe or challis would be a staple piece to wear with slacks, jeans or a pencil skirt.

There weren’t any that I truly hated this go round, just ones that weren’t my style.

Have you taken a look at Vogue’s Fall release? Which ones were your favorites?

One response to “Tips Thoughts: Vogue Fall 2019”

  1. That 1649 coat is a real stunner. I am tempted!

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