Tip’s Thoughts: McCalls Fall 2019

It’s that time again! McCalls didn’t wait that long after releasing the early fall to give us these fall patterns did they? Let’s jump in


I have NOT been feeling the 90s trend making a comeback. I was a teen in the 90s and I truly did not need to relive some of those trends.  Which is why I shocked myself by liking M7997, the very nineties working woman coatdress.

Not positive I would sew long sleeve view, but the sleeveless view would be cute for work either alone or over a long sleeve shirt. I also always love an asymmetrical hem so view C is a bonus.




I have to admit that against my better judgement I like this cutout top/bodysuit. I had a “club” top like this back in the late 90s, early 00’s that I loved and wore out. So despite the fact that that alone is enough of a reason to pass on this pattern, I think I’m going to grab it. That doesn’t even address the fact that a chest cut out makes no sense on a long sleeve top. Don’t judge me. LOL

Also, this pairing with these plaid trousers is terrible to me.



Both M8004 and 8006 look like good staple pieces. Most wardrobes can benefit from a pencil skirt and tapered pants. I love that the pants are a learn to sew pattern that isn’t pull on. I would hope that the instructions for the fly are easy and thorough to make them less intimidating for newbie sewists. Hopefully some other sewists can try these out so I can read their thoughts on fit.


M8009 immediately made me think of M7802, probably because it is on my short list of to-sews. The V-neck, the underbust gathers, the midriff piece and sleeve options are very similar. I like both but wonder if I should return M7802 for M8009. I prefer the midriff and armhole shape of the latter and it would be easier (for me) to draft a 6 panel skirt than the pants.


The last one that I’ll consider grabbing is M8011. It sort of looks like a moto jacket but it’s not quite edgy enough. Still I like the epaulets and the box pleat chest pockets of view B.

I have some black ultra suede that would be great for this. The only decision would be silver or brass/gold snaps.






Honorable mention go to

M8009 I like overalls but something about the chest pockets and zip front lose me. I love the back though.

I like the idea of the jacket and the skirt combo but don’t love the flared sleeves of the jacket. I also will NEVER understand why they use busy dark fabrics for pieces like these where seeing the lines of the jacket is beneficial. It requires a look at the line drawings to see that the jacket has front and welt pockets as well as a button front.

I love a skinny jean and a wide leg, but flares need love too, so I like these flared jeans that feature a center seam and optional patch pocket. My only issue is that they look to similar to M7547. Sure the flare is more extreme here but that is an easy modification.

Whelp those are my thoughts. Feel free to share yours in the comments.


3 responses to “Tip’s Thoughts: McCalls Fall 2019”

  1. Having been a teen in the 70s I like the blouse in M8008 the best. Maybe not with the shoulder ruffles…🤔

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    1. I haven’t been feeling these latest patterns either. I love the coat dress and I think I will try to sew it up. All the others aren’t really my style.

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  2. I’m a 90s baby lol so. I grew up in overalls..but not feeling those 8008s lol. Everything else I LOVE. Especially the jeans and the jacket coat dress. Thank you for this awesome roundup, I’ll be on the lookout!


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